9 days / 2600 designers / 110 locations / 400 events
Food & Drinks / DDW Music Festival
20 - 28 October 2018

Hot design areas: Strijp T+R / Strijp -S / Central / Downtown / Sectie-C / Campina / Hallenweg / Plan-B

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Every year Dutch Design Foundation organises the largest design event of Northern Europe! From 20 - 28 October, Dutch Design Week will present the work and concepts of over 2600 designers and welcome more than 335.000 visitors from home and abroad.

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Dutch Digital Design, the core of DDW's new online platform

12 Oct, 2018
Graphic Website Partner
Despite the word week in Dutch Design Week (DDW), DDW is relevant all year round. How can you make that visible online? For the answer, DDW looked at Vruchtvlees: Digital, Strategy & Design. We are happy to welcome you on the first result of our ambitious collaboration: the innovative content platform. In the coming years, we will increasingly improve your online experience with DDW.

VPRO Day with DDW ambassador Ravi Naidoo

11 Oct, 2018
Ambassadors Partner
During Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven you can experience how tomorrow's world is already in the making. As a sponsor of progress, VPRO will host an exclusive lecture with DDW ambassador Ravi Naidoo (Design Indaba) on the first Sunday of DDW (21 Oct.).

Classical concerts at Piet Hein Eek’s Factory

04 Oct, 2018
Dutch Design Week DDW Music Festival
Classical music the modern way

NS, Mecanoo and Gispen share their common vision of a train interior at the Innovation Expo 2018

04 Oct, 2018
Exhibition Service Mobility Eindhoven Dutch Design Week Partner
Reading, chilling out, working, daydreaming – it’ll all be even easier on tomorrow’s trains!

The future of our residential environment

28 Sep, 2018
Spatial Circular DDW Trends
This year, Dutch Design Week presents 8 design trends that mark the most important developments in the field of design. The second trend focuses on Architecture and Public Space.

Eindhoven through the eyes of DDW Music Festival

25 Sep, 2018
DDW Music Festival
In recent years, a strong music programme has been added to Dutch Design Week. This music festival has become more and more an autonomous festival. Eindhoven is known for good music and cool locations, but there is still a lot to be discovered here in the ‘City of lights’. We decided to find out what kind of cool locations this festival has to bring by making a round through Eindhoven.