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28 grams of happiness - the exhibition

All week at Dynamo | Downtown By KONTOU

From a holistic approach, Justine Kontou creates healthy interior concepts and spatial experiences to improve the well-being of people. By creating a natural environment with art and mindful design, senses are stimulated to bring people in their natural strength: a state in which the body functions in perfect harmony both physically and mentally.

a food design experience by THE EATELIER & PIPPENS
an exhibition curated by JUSTINE KONTOU

After the huge success of last year’s design dinners, What will we eat in 2050?, food design studio THE EATELIER and chef PIPPENS are teaming up once again this year during Dutch Design Week. This time, they are experimenting with happiness, and how to cultivate it through food.

Surrounding the food experience is the exhibition 28 grams of happiness, curated by JUSTINE KONTOU. This joyful, sensorial exhibition, experiments with colours, shapes and materials to create an environment that also brings people in a positive state of mind. It will present how art and design can provoke a sense of wonder, luck, content and/ or gratefulness. Bringing the total experience to a complete journey through the pursuit of happiness.
Justine’s goal is to create a sensorial experience, that brings visitors into the “present moment”: a place where a person can nurture her/himself and share an exceptional experience with others.
A combination of circular, organic and geometric shapes in bright, cheerful and light colours have been carefully selected. For example, work by design studio RIVE ROSHAN, who are known for their deep interest in colour, texture and materiality; STUDIO ROOS MEERMAN will show a multi sensorial installation with soft, tactile textures, which visitors can explore; and studio ENRICHERS, known for their experiences based on neuroscience, will enrich the exhibition with tools to stimulate movement and interaction. ALISSA + NIENKE show their unique interpretation of surface design: creating materials that build intriguing and enriched spaces for those who live or work in them.
Participating designers and studios:
Alissa+Nienke | Arnout Meijer | Angela Willemsen | David Derksen | Enrichers | Mae Engelgeer for cc-tapis | Rick Tegelaar for Moooi | Rive Roshan | Roos Meerman & Tom Kortbeek | Steven Banken | Wave & Particle
Floral styling by bloomon.

Make sure you also experience one of the eye opening, educational, exciting, and sensorial lunch or dinner experiences.



Enrichers designs for well-being and happiness. We do that by making specialised designers work together with neuroscientists to understand how the design will have impact on people.
Research found out the Macaron moving cushion made people who travel by train 40% happier (tested in trains with Dutch Railways NS).

Rive Roshan

Rive Roshan is an experimental design studio working on the cusp of graphic, interior and product design. A deep interest in colour, texture and materiality leads to an aesthetic of raw beauty.
Circadian is a modular, kinetic tapestry inspired by the influence of cycles in nature and human life.
The colouring on the glass sweeps around the centre of the table top, leaving a multi-coloured trail as if time was caught in bright hues that settle on the glass.

Alissa + Nienke

Alissa+Nienke (Eindhoven, NL) is a material research and design studio with a unique interpretation of surface design: creating materials that build intriguing and enriched spaces for those who live or work in them.
Mirabilia Wallcovering en Volume 01,02,03 both arise from their pop-up pattern method, triggering curiosity and interaction. A flat surface transforms into an interesting volume, with new characteristics and functions with little to no waste material in the production process.

Roos Meerman & Tom Kortbeek

Tom Kortbeek and Roos Meerman created Tactile Orchestra, an interactive installation. By stroking a soft wall, you can extract the tones of a string orchestra. This work has been the basis for a series of multi-sensory products for healthcare, named Kozie. Kozie - a sense of home through musical recognition for people with dementia. 

Roos Meerman

Roos Meerman researches techniques and processes that show the soft values of technology. She uses modern technology to create experiences or materials that can never be captured in code. Aera Fabrica shows the potential of using the 3D printer as a maker of semi-finished products.

David Derksen

The behaviour of materials and their processing and construction methods are the main focus of David's work. In his designs he tries to express the beauty of materials and the way objects are made.
These glass objects are inspired by the formal language of laboratory glassware, that is a direct result of the making process.

Mae Engelgeer for cc-tapis

Mae Engelgeer’s work embraces subtle colour palettes, patterns and linear elements. Complex compositions merge with perfection to establish harmony. Creative explorations into the contrasting of materials and textures result in works that luxurious in their tactility and dimensionality.

Keeping the playfulness of the Memphis movement in mind and experimenting with shape and color was the start of the BLISS collection for cc-tapis. Mixing elements like pattern and form with different production techniques giving life to the rugs. Using high quality materials like Himalayan wool with pure silk makes some parts literally glow. I refers to it as “jewellery” for your space. Available via Co van der Horst.

Steven Banken

The projects of Steven Banken are based on a research in origin and characteristics from different materials. Steven Banken is fascinated by the material wood, craftsmanship and its history. His great appreciation for industrial and artisanal techniques is visible in construction and detail. The source of light of the Copper lamp reflects on the copper and creates a clear light centre surrounded with a warm copper semblance.

Rick Tegelaar for Moooi

Rick Tegelaar likes to work with undervalued materials such as wire mesh and waste wood. By re-examining these materials, new applications of the materials arise. The challenge lies in finding new forms, qualities and aesthetics as opposed to those with which we are all too familiar.

Angela Willemsen

With a background in both fine art as product design her work has a sculptural and conceptual approach. Guided by a strong focus on the essence of the project she aims to design new opportunities to escape the standard and static interior. The 90° angle is a characteristic element of the rectangular shape language in architecture. Adding curves changes these characteristics and therefore also the perception of a space. Bend in a 160° angle the 160° screen is made to soften sharp corners and edges, providing a local sense of intimacy.

Wave & Particle

Wave & Particle delivers exclusive light installations based on natural phenomena. From a scientific point of view, light can be seen both as a particle and a wave. This duality, between tangible and immaterial, is embedded into our dynamic light and color installations. Each installation offers a unique color range varying in space and time.
Wave & Particle is founded by Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly.

Colour of the day is a serie of light objects where the light is always partially obscured, refracted or otherwise manipulated by optical layers and transparent sheets.

Arnout Meijer

Thanks for the Planets is a series of emitting sculptures where the light is formed like a plasma into an intangible shape. In this limited edition series Arnout Meijer Studio continues to explore the possibilities of the abstruse effect light has on our perception. The series consists of 4 separate objects which have a palette of different colors and shades of white. The patterns in the Thanks for the Planets create, next to a gradual mixture of primary led colors, for every object an own identity.

Studio Susanne de Graef

Susanne de Graef is a Dutch designer and owner of Studio Susanne de Graef. The studio works with a sincere predilection for textile and light. Interior product design is at the heart of the studio’s portfolio with an emphasis on furniture, lighting and accessories. The work is inspired by architectural fashion and natural phenomena such as light. Inspiration is transformed in an intuitive way into a product. Detailing and tactility play a vital role. A strong focus lies on the interaction of the material of the furniture and lighting pieces with its surroundings.


bloomon is a floral lifestyle brand and delivery service. Founded in Amsterdam in 2014, in the world’s capital of flowers, we collaborate closely with over 400 growers to bring the freshest flowers to homes through an innovative field-to-table model. Our dedicated team of flower artisans design and hand-wrap seasonal bouquets, and every delivery surprises and inspires recipients with a different design and education about flowers.


sensorial spatial experiences to enhance the well-being of people