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Cybernetic Forest

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By BioArt Laboratories

BioArt Laboratories focuses strongly on talent development and preservation forEindhoven and its region. At BioArt Lab, designers, scientists, and artists are offered a platform to develop themselves on different levels: creativity,research, development and marketing. By facilitating the first steps of a professional career, we also help young proffesionals in their entrepreneurship. Our yearly Talent Pressure Cooker program focuses on the creation of spin-offs by facilitating crossovers between top talents and professionals with, as the starting point, the use of innovative biomaterials.

Hidden in a green realm in Strijp lies BioArt Laboratories. A repurposed historical military complex in a dense forest where the first and only off-grid location of Eindhoven is achieved. At this location, the future is presented: a future in which technology and nature are merged into a symbiotic life form. In 2018, BioArt Laboratories presents to you her Cybernetic Forest.

We are working together with a group of carefully selected young talents to uncover the ties between nature, science and technology. Let us show you at our brand new location how nature is our inspiration for everything and how technology advances nature in a feedback loop. Come to see how nature and innovation, history and future go hand in hand in a whirlwind of inspiring concepts and ideas.

Mathias Anger

Mathias Anger (FR) combines matter and nature. He seeks to make the world more sustainable by modifying or creating all kinds of materials, in order to benefit from all of their properties.

Lucila Kenny & Naan Rijks

Artists annex researchers Lucila Kenny (Argentina) and Naan Rijks (NL) are devoted to strengthen the relationship between nature and arts. They aim to raise awareness on environmental implications of art production and restore a cultural art form.

Tim de Gier

In his artistic process Tim de Gier (NL) works both with physical and digital media. Fascinated by concepts as time and automation, Tim aims to visualize the relation of these phenomena to our social and natural environment by using living material.

Monique van Gemert Smulders

Monique van Gemert Smulders (NL) is a circularly operating artist who is fascinated by nature and passionate for its synergy with arts. For this years’ Talent Pressure Cooker, Monique is committed to apply an innovative approach to human waste materials.

Dorieke Schreurs

Dorieke Schreurs (NL) observes the art world around her and sees that it painfully lags behind in terms of sustainability. So for her own work, she applies a progressive way of thinking and finds raw materials for art production where no one else would look.

Chris Ritson

Having grown up on an island, Chris Ritson (Hawaii, USA) is all too aware of society’s struggle with sustainability. He translates this observation into new methods of art production: he believes mankind is capable of integrating positively with natural systems.

Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov

Researcher and artist Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov (Russia) is very concerned about the current status of the political, religious and scientific instances in his native country. Ilya aims to portray this with his work with natural scientific knowledge as a main motive.

Shaad Muhammad Ahmad

Scientist in training Shaad Muhammad Ahmad (NL) surrounds himself with everything he finds inspiring. With a special passion for the small living creatures, he is now looking at how to deploy their properties into designing an aesthetically pleasing installation.

Nino Gontcharova

Nino Gontcharova (NL) is a social-oriented artist who aims to investigate the unseen connections between people. Connections that go further than concepts like ‘identity’ alone. She invites the public to experience this connection in a fascinating experiment.

Robin van Lieshout

Robin van Lieshout (NL) is a student passionate about design and photography. She is inspired nature finds ways to change people’s perspectives and focus. With an empty canvas and camera in hand she takes on adventures and changes what she thinks should change

Coco van Glabbeek

Coco van Glabbeek (NL) is a student in love with digital drawings and art. With that, she has a special passion for games and character design. For the TPC, she likes to broaden her view on art and simply chase what she likes and feels inspired by

Leroy Borghaerts

Leroy Borghaerts (NL) is een app-ontwikkeling student met een passie voor eten. Zijn passie is ontstaan in de periode dat hij studeerde in de Franse keuken om nieuwe en interessante combinaties van smaken te creëren. Met deze interesses op zak kan hij zijn passie voor maken nastreven.

Georgina Richardson

Georgina Richardson (NL) has a drive for both product design and the fine arts. She will always find a way to bend materials, colors and shapes to her own will. For the TPC, she will be using her skills to design objects consistent with her environment