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The desk, chair and desk-light local made in Rwanda. Part of a collection of more than 80 local made products

African MASS production

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By Super Local

80% of the Rwandan population relies on agricultural livelihoods. But because of deforestation, poor soil quality, and climate change, one out of every five of these households are currently food insecure. And this number is only increasing…

That is how the Rwandan Institute for Conservation Agriculture was born: to create a place where young farmers can learn to cultivate the land in a sustainable and productive way.

This new campus needs to bring the local context into every aspect of its design... the architecture, landscaping, and all the things inside. While MASS design group works on the design of the buildings and landscaping, we have the honour to create almost everything within.

Instead of ordering expensive, low quality products from abroad, we teamed up with local craftsman and manufacturers. Together we designed and prototyped the first products, based on locally available materials and techniques.

Besides the valuable exchange of knowledge and skills, this collaboration creates local job opportunities and stimulates the Rwandan economy.

These prototypes are just the very beginning of a huge collection of products for the agricultural university in Kigali, Rwanda.Over the next half year we will design and produce more than 80 products from scratch, from couch to toilet paper holder ...!

As part of the VPRO television series De toekomstbouwers, host Wilfried de Jong interviews eight young designers with ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow. Do you want to admire their work in person? Pim van Baarsen is one of the selected Toekomstbouwers with his work Super Local.