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Jannie Walks Vertically in her house - the Tour

in Jannie's house by ROMBOUT Frieling lab
This event is open for the public.

Apply for a tour at the times below by sending an email to [email protected]

Jannie lives in a three storey house, yet she cannot climb stairs any longer. At the end of last year, Jannie became the first user of Vertical Walking, a new system, developed in Eindhoven, which allows her to move between floors, by herself.The system is independent of electricity, while using only a fraction of the effort compared to climbing stairs.

Vertical Walking is a development by Rombout Frieling lab in an attempt to find new solutions for the millions of Europeans for whom staircases will become major bottlenecks in everyday life. Existing solutions such as (stair)lifts disable the human body completely. Instead, we look at harmonious solutions that make most of what people can still do. Providing health and agility, but moreover a sense of satisfaction and pleasure.

Are you curious what Jannie’s experiences are? Do you want to see Vertical Walking with your own eyes?

You are very welcome to join a tour through Jannie's house at one of the timeslotsbelow. Because we want to respect Jannie's privacy, we ask you tocheck availability at least2 hours beforehand by sending an email to [email protected]

The tour will take approximately 30 minutes.

Sat 20 Oct 15:00

Sun 21 Oct 15:00

Tues 23 Oct 15:00

Sat 27 Oct 15:00

For more information see www.vertiwalk.com

Rombout Frieling lab makes matter move man.  

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