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Crowdfunding Dutch Design

All week at Dynamo | Downtown By Dutch Design Foundation
Endorsed by Effenaar, Friendly Fire

DDF stimulates and connects creative initiatives to reinforce the national and international reputation in the field of top technology and design. DDF is a foundation with the objective of initiating and strengthening national and international design initiatives in the field of design and innovation, with special attention for Eindhoven and the Brainport region.

Crowdfunding Dutch Design gives designers the opportunity to present their ideas and approaches to a large audience, with the objective of finding finance for development and production.This year Dutch Design Foundation is collaborating with the crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter and voordekunst.The Kickstarter selection consists of innovative design projects. The projects for voordekunst have a main role for the process, the craft skills and the autonomy of the designers. In this exhibition an overview is given of these projects.

Selection for the exhibition Crowdfunding Dutch Design:


- Xylotrade BV – Fungi Force Biofinish

- Lieke van Dijk – LUNEdot ENDLESS

- The Girl and the Machine – 3D knitted couture for everybody

- Bas Timmer – Sheltersuit


- Attic Lab – Open Source Perfumery Lab

- This is Bouw – 20 percent

- Heiko Balster - Innovatief Bestek

- Unit 30 | Jozephine Duker & Willem van Landeghem – City Cups

A few other crowdfunding projects are presented at different DDW-locations:

- Remko Verhaagen (Blooey) – BunkBed Weldegelijk Collection (Piet Hein Eek)

- Studio Nienke Helder - Sexual Healing (TAC)

- Vij5 - TwoTowel (Hallenweg)

DevelopmentsVarious trends are apparent in this year’s submissions: raising awareness for societal developments like addiction, refugees and abuse; new bio-materials; clothing on demand and the influence of scents.

Do you want to contribute to these projects? Visit then the following pages: |

Xylotrade BV - Fungi Force

Fungi Force Biofinish is the first varnish offering a 100% environmentally friendly and natural solution for protecting wood used outdoors. Without the use of biocides or other environmentally damaging chemicals. Fungi Force consists of a fungus and linseed oil, which can conveniently be applied to any outdoor wood. The Biofinish gives black transparent coverage and ensures the wood stays in top condition for years to come. Help the environment and support the scale-up of our production through our crowdfunding campaign, so that this product becomes available for everyone.

Bas Timmer - Sheltersuit

Millions of people around the world are forced to sleep outside in the cold. This number grows by the minute. At the same time, the textile industry produces millions of garments of which many end up being incinerated every day. ‘And despite that, we cannot keep people warm. That’s putting the cart before the horse’, says fashion designer and Sheltersuit founder Bas Timmer. ‘We think everyone deserves protection. Which is why we make a high-quality and sustainable product, use our company as inspiration and offer solutions for people in distress. We are people helping people.’

Lieke van Dijk - LUNEdot Endless

At first glance, LUNEdot looks like a candle. But the modular design harbours a reinvention of classical candlelight. By adding a unique (patented) technique – a spring presses the burning candle up – the product is endless, smart, simple and original. In addition, the LUNEdot offers endless variations both in colour and in size, offering everyone a customised solution.

The Girl and the Machine - 3D Knitted Couture for Everybody

Deploying 3D knitting technology will soon make high-quality customised clothing attainable for everyone. The Girl and the Machine deploys 3D knitting software to design sophisticated clothing patterns for seamless garments. The system we are developing facilitates adaptation of the garments to every individual’s wishes. We see this as the future of sustainable fashion.

Unit 30 - City Cups

Spot the city in this series of refined porcelain cups, reviving typical characteristics and details of iconic buildings.
With City Cups we represent the city in an original and meaningful manner.

We immerse ourselves in the building’s history. Filtering the characteristic elements that we then convey to the cup design.
Looking at the city from a love of architecture and with an eye for detail.

Heiko Balster - Innovative Cutlery

Heiko Balster presents the second version of ‘Innovative Cutlery’. This is the sequel to his range of cutlery from 2015 that he launched with crowdfunding. The cutlery is made employing a new method, allowing the special design. The cutlery has been included in the collections of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and was awarded the POTT Junior Design Award in 2017.

Attic Lab - Open Source Perfumery Lab

Fragrances are generally shrouded in mystery. And this while everyone smells things every day, awakening emotions in people. As perfumers we work with smell and fragrance in the broadest sense of the word. We are starting a crowdfunding campaign to open our new lab to the public. This lab provides people access to this special world in which we share information about making, understanding and using fragrances.

This is BOUW - 20 percent

Every year the number of drug addicts increases in the Netherlands. While the treatment level remains low. This is due to the prevalent stigma surrounding addiction. This is BOUW and Novadic Kentron are joining forces to develop a video promoting awareness of the theme. This video is the first step towards long-term cooperation, challenging our assumptions surrounding addiction.

Studio Nienke Helder - Sexual healing

Sexual Healing is a research project for innovatively tackling sexual problems after a traumatic experience. The current approach is often clinical, applied as if on the treatment table. Nienke Helder identified with the issue and is developing a new approach together with (para)medical experts. Working on the cause from a psychological angle, we research the use of objects. They are intended to help people rediscover intimacy and pleasure in sex.

Remko Verhaagen (Bloeey) - BunkBed Design Collection

Blooey and BunkBed present their design collection: 8 products, inspired by an emotionally laden past and developed for a sustainable future.
The crowdfunding allows you to contribute to the restoration and repurposing of the BunkBed pilot bunker. It is used to research whether bunkers along the coast can be reappropriated as sustainable and camouflaged heritage accommodation.
The lamp and the clothes hanger are particularly special. These were made from reused reinforcement steel from a section of a demolished bunker from WWII.

Vij5 - TweeDoek

Vij5 explores the boundaries of crowdfunding by involving the community in one of the crucial choices in the design process, choosing colours.

The experiment revolves around the TwoTowel. A hand towel and dish towel in one, merging two functions normally used side by side. As a contributor, you ultimately directly influence the colour.

In return, choose your favourite on and cast your vote at the same time. The most frequently selected combination will be made!