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G18, Graduation Show 2018

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By Design Academy Eindhoven

Executive Board:

Joseph Grima, Jurriënne Ossewold, Mechtild van den Hombergh (a.i.)

Art Direction:

Joseph Grima, Daphna Laurens

Exhibition Design:

Daphna Laurens:

Graphic Design Identity:

SJG / Joost Grootens

Editorial team:

Joseph Grima, Jurriënne Ossewold, Gert Staal, Tamar Shafrir, Annemarie Hoeve, Willemijn de Jonge, Wendy Lubberding, Billy Nolan

Communications, relations and events:

Raffaela Vandermühlen, Sammy Kossen, Nienke Helder, Vita Sophie Köster, Ginger Spierings, Marc Ruis, Tessa Blokland, Holly Krueger, Jules Bressers and Timo Breumelhof

Operational Management:

Martien van Gurp, Anouk Purmer


PR&Co* /Antoinette Klawer


Mark van der Gronden

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The Graduation Show 2018 will be the first edition in almost two decades to take place outside the walls of Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE). This move to a venue on the site of the historic Campina Milk Factory reflects a major shift in the public’s perception of design and the role of DAE. ‘The relevance of design today’ says creative director Joseph Grima, ‘has vested us with a position in which we, as a profession, have unparalleled influence over our collective future. Now it is down to us, as an institution, to extend the horizon of design education in response, questioning and revisiting how we present our work and generate discourse and debate.’ G18 presents no less than 208 projects by 185 graduates, emerging the visitor in this inquisitive environment where design is constantly being redesigned.

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