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Choonk gemaakt van geredde oesterzwamvoetjes


Hele week in Ketelhuisplein by Botanic Bites
This event is open for the public.

During the last two years we experimented with rescued oystermushroom stems. Most consumers don't want the stems because they are harder to bite and have a different taste then the mushrooms themselves. We succeeded to develop Choonk, a tasty base with a good bite for our sausages, tapas and satay's.

Come by at Ketelhuisplein where we set up again ready to spoil you with delicious plant based innovations.

Botanic Bites

Botanic Bites makes distinctive plant based food from rescued veggies, more juicy, more tasty, more nutricious, more healthy and more sustainable. We are distributing to a circulair, sustainable food chain by developing innovative culinairy products.

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