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Brabant Living Lab

All week in Ketelhuisplein by Provincie Noord-Brabant
This event is open for the public.

The world around us is changing, and here in Brabant, we also face an array of social challenges. How are we coping with climate change? Is privacy still just an illusion? Will the farmers of the future be robots? How can we make our lives more circular? There are no easy answers to these questions, and in Brabant, we believe it’s important to invest in these efforts. Brabant is one of the top knowledge and innovation regions in Europe. This is the only way we can create a future-proof Brabant that is a great place to live and work. This complex future may only be achieved through cooperation.

This is exactly what the Brabant Living Lab is, a place where the Provincie Noord-Brabant works with partners to find new ideas and solutions and where we can experiment with innovative partnership forms.

Chloé Rutzerveld: effective approach to food

Food designer Chloé Rutzerveld toys with the idea that we should produce food that is absorbed better and in higher quantities by the human digestive tract instead of modifying food to make it grow better,
higher, faster and healthier. Come taste the real original Brabant coffee made from rye, and learn more about the food prototypes STROOOP and Edible Growth.

At the table: do it golden green

Sustainability actually means taking an effective approach to people and raw materials. Why does the government talk about this so often? How do companies do this? And finally, how can you do it? Make, taste, listen, watch and experience it all at the provincial kitchen table. Get cracking by learning about Brandrood (Dutch deep-red cattle) beef. Play the Schoolyard game and discover what the impact is of a green schoolyard on nature, water and health. Take an effective nap in our Naplab, listen to a concert for the Biesbosch and see how designers and ‘Sustainable Green Businesses’ are turning Brabant ‘Golden Green’!

Design to market

Under the name Design to Market, six young top talents present their work in the Brabant Living Lab. The talents show not only their quality as a designer but also as an entrepreneur, because all focus their professional attention on making a design that can actually be brought to the market. However, the road to market introduction is a ‘rocky road’ and this process needs time. The exhibiting designers are all at a different stage of this challenging ambition. Design to Market is an accelerator program from Designforum and has been designated as talent hub Design by the province of Noord Brabant.


Everyone has their own unique view of the world and our own values play a role in every decision we make. When it comes to major decisions about our surroundings however, there are always many people and just as many interests involved. What if we started combining everyone’s views and values? What if we made all these different ways of looking
at things visible and perceptible? What would this mean for your view of the world? Create your own personal values profile and use augmented reality to see how your vision can affect the future of your living environment.

Foodup Noord-Brabant: UrbanFarmFood

What if you could grow your meals in your own environment and see the
‘fruits’ of your labour on your plate? An IT-driven form of agriculture, Pixelfarming aims to eliminate the need to import food in the future. The fields of the future will no longer be dedicated to just one crop, but will be places where entire dishes may be grown. And this will be done by a robot, on a few ‘pixels’ of land. Choose your favourite combination from the pixel menu, put the robot to work and enjoy a delicious, sustainable snack from UrbanFarmFood.

Prepared for extreme weather

Climate change means that we have to adjust to more extreme weather. Even though the government is doing its best to ensure that we stay dry and don’t get overheated, it can’t do it alone! In residential areas in particular, so many gardens are paved that temperatures not only continue to rise, but the water has no place to go during heavy rains.
One paved garden doesn’t cause that many problems, but a whole row of
them does. How can we fix this? You are the boss of your own garden. The government is working with designers to find out how we can convince you to join us in our efforts. To do this, we need to get to know you better. We also give you concrete tips that you can apply to make the difference straight away.


Every resident of Brabant should be able to use and develop the creativity the were born with. This not only makes people more resourceful, it encourages them to explore, think freely, experiment and create. This creative ability enables us to survive in today's complex society. This is the reason we are developing the law to preserve creativity here in Brabant. Based on a design by Rocco Verdult, the SÖKKEL showcases a different, strange object every day. What is it?
What does it look like? What is it called? Let your imagination come to life!

Set your brain to circular mode!

We all dispose of so many valuable materials every day. Taking a more
sustainable approach to our raw materials is becoming more important.
In a circular economy, products andmaterials are re-used and replaced,
when possible, with renewable and readily available raw materials.
How can you make your life more circular? Did you know that there is
an endless supply of possibilities to do this? These range from rethinking to repurposing, from repairing to recycling, from reducing to refurbishing and so many more! ‘Post’ your idea in one of the nine postboxes and compete to win a beautiful circular prize: a refurbished iPhone, a subscription to Spotify, a trendy bag made from circular materials
or re-used jeans.

No escape: an energyneutral Brabant

We need to reduce CO2 emissions drastically in Brabant before 2050.
Our goal is to get 100% of our energy from sustainable sources. Your
choice can make the difference! Participate in a No-Escape room
game with a team and try to solve five dilemmas before 2050. What’s
the best way to insulate your home? What’s the most sustainable way
to get to work? And how can you reduce your consumption of electricity? If you take action as a group and make the right choices, you will indoubtedly be able to stop the clock in time.


Data is invisible for many people. In this respect, it’s very much like oxygen; we use it every minute of the day, but we can’t touch it. Even though we are highly dependent on data, we aren’t really aware
of this fact. The use of technology is becoming increasingly more intuitive
which only widens the gap between ‘the black box’ and the user’s knowledge. At Local Mist, we make data and the benefits associated with it tangible and visible. You can personally experience how an algorithm can extract the most personal information about you based solely on a photo. Age, gender, origin, sexual preferences; Local Mist makes all these parameters visible. How is all this information used? What does this
mean for you and your idea of privacy?

Provincie Noord-Brabant presents Brabant Living Lab 2018: What's next?

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