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Dutch Solar Design

All week in Klokgebouw | Hall 3 by Design Innovation Group
This event is open for the public.

A Dutch Solar Design Photovoltaic (DSD-PV) module combines renewable energy with endless aesthetic possibilities.​​The need for a more sustainable built environment is urgent and requires cost-efficient, smart and integrated solutions. We envision a (very near) future in which the built environment is efficientandfriendly, smartandaccessible, high-techandattractive. In order to get there, we developed this multipurpose DSD-PV product for architects, engineers, advisors and real estate developers.The surfaces of the buildings and environments we live and work in represent enormous potential. Incorporating customized DSD-PV modules in any architectural design adds a novel functionality to facades: generating renewable energy without compromising creative freedom and artistic expression.

Design Innovation Group

DIG focused on ‘humanizing technology’: how can it connect to what people want and how they operate? We spoke with a wide range of relevant parties to map out their underlying needs, and translated insights into recommendations regarding the (further) development of the product.


Aldowa realizes dreams. Aldowa is a proud developer of metal facades with over 40 years of experience. Together with our partners we realize striking landmarks using innovative solutions. From design all through to final installation, we take care of the complete process. Aldowa, leave your mark. www.aldowa.nl

ECN part of TNO

ECN part of TNO manages the Dutch Solar Design project (RVO TEUE116142) and contributes with developing back contact metal wrap through (MWT) production technology, integration into building elements, optimization of performance versus design and studying reliability of the full colour design solar panels.


UNStudio designs with the future in mind. We are architects with a focus on research and innovation, and have extensive knowledge on BIPV from multiple (realized) projects. For DSD-PV we designed software which allows the application of a range of designs, where the balance
between module efficiency and aesthetics is negotiated by algorithms. www.unstudio.com

TS Visuals

TS Visuals is a large format printing specialist on different hard substrates like metal, glass, steel, wood and plastics. In the Dutch Solar Design project we combine innovative printing solutions and surface protection to achieve optimal balance between decoration and performance. www.tsvisuals.nl

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The research group Urban Technology of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences works with researchers and students on the design and prototyping of the multifunctional facade elements for low energy renovation of apartments and utility buildings.

The Ducht Solar Design Photovoltaic (DSD-PV) product has been developed by a consortium. Every partner brings their unique expertise to the table, motivated by a shared dream to realize sustainable buildings without having to trade off appealing aesthetics.

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