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MX3D Bridge

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By MX3D

MX3D develops groundbreaking robotic additive manufacturing technology. We innovate by constantly creating new strategies and software solutions to print a large variety of metal alloys in virtually any size and shape; learning by doing is key. In close collaboration with our global industrial partners, our engineers and software experts make Robotic 3D Metal Printing available to industry.

We serve markets from Architecture and Heavy Duty Industry to Maritime and Offshore. It’s our mission to create intelligent, robust & easy to use robotic additive manufacturing software for industrial partners.

MX3D has 3D printed a fully functional stainless steel bridge to cross one of the oldest and most famous canals in the center of Amsterdam, the Oudezijds Achterburgwal. We equip typical industrial robots with purpose-built tools and develop the software to control them. The unique approach allows us to 3D print strong, complex and graceful structures out of metal. The goal of the MX3D Bridge project is to showcase the potential applications of our multi-axis 3D printing technology.

In collaboration with our partners Lloyd's Register Foundation, The Alan Turing Institute, Autodesk, Force technology, AMS, ARUP and Faro, we are creating a smart sensor network that will be the input to a 'digital twin' of the bridge, a living computer model that will reflect the physical bridge with growing accuracy in real time as the data comes in. The performance and behaviour of the physical bridge can be tested against its digital twin, which will provide valuable insights to inform designs for future 3D printed metallic structures.

The Bridge is designed by Joris Laarman Lab, Arup is the lead structural engineer, ArcelorMittal provides the metallurgical expertise, Autodesk assists with their knowledge on digital production tools, Heijmans is our construction expert, Lenovo supports us with computational hardware, ABB is the robotics specialist, Air Liquide & Oerlikon know everything about welding and lastly, Plymovent protects the air our employees breathe whilst AMS and TU Delft do invaluable research. Gemeente Amsterdam is the first customer of our collaborative bridge building department.