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All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By Bron van Doen

Bron van Doen is a co-design studio in Eindhoven developing projects that embody social, cultural and economic values. Our expertise is in design thinking, participatory design, and creative entrepreneurship. In cooperation with diverse local and international partners, we have co-organized projects such as Uit de Buurtfabriek, Agents of Change, T-Slagerij, NIEUW/OUD, and Bron van Doen Social Lab.

T-Slagerij is developed by Bron van Doen Social Lab in collaboration with textile designer Victoria Ledig. Bron van Doen Social Lab is supported by the municipality of Eindhoven. #AWESOME kledingruilatelier and Stichting Circulo have generously provided post-consumer textile products for this project.

Post-consumer textile waste can become an inspiring starting point for new designs and products. It can also create unique opportunities for people to learn, create and work. Bron van Doen and Victoria Ledig start with the most common textile waste in Eindhoven: t-shirts and other cotton-based clothing.

T-Slagerij presents a collection of ropes and other products made from old t-shirts. The designers have also developed courses on how to make those products yourself, and on exploring different post-consumer textile waste streams in order to identify and create new materials and designs.

This project aims to inspire consumers as well as the textile industry to create quality materials and products from textile waste, using scalable techniques and designs that open up the possibility for a wide range of applications.

Victoria Ledig

Victoria Ledig is a German multidisciplinary material designer based in between Eindhoven and Berlin. Her work crosses the fields of textile and fashion, sustainability and educational workshops as well as creative direction and object design, within commercial and cultural settings.

Bron van Doen

A am a participatory design and creative entrepreneurship specialist based in Eindhoven. I am a co-founder of the service design studio Bron van Doen.