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Hele week in Plug-In-City by Stichting Plug-In-City
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This year, during Dutch Design Week 2018, is the grand opening of Plug-in-city 2.0

Plug-in-City is a temporary village, in the middle of Strijp-S, Eindhoven, that functions as a creative living lab, workshop, event space & cultural center.

This 690m2 building, constructed entirely with second hand materials, is a joint effort between many different small-scale and large-scale companies and organisations to question and experiment with new paradigms of building short term architecture, as well as new forms of collaboration. We embody the circular economy and reflect daily on all its aspect, from the life span of building materials to its social impact. In 2017, while developing Plug-in-City for its new location and form, our project was recognized by ABN Amro as the best area in the Netherlands based on the principles of circular economy.

Plug-in-City is managed and inhabited by a collective of creative professionals, such as designers, architects, artists and other small businesses, whom we call “pluggers”.

We design furniture, sculpt wood, curve neon lights, draw buildings and build machines...

We host radio shows, we question social design and we explore the concept of circular economy…

In addition to being used as a living lab and workshop by “pluggers”, the space also serves as a cultural meeting point for the community of Strijp-s, where we regularly organize concerts, workshops, talks and all kinds of cultural evenings.

During Dutch-Design Week 2018 we want to present the process of building such a space. We want to show where our enthusiasm has brought us to and introduce our partners, without whom this project wouldn’t have been possible. We are opening our space for events and cultural activities and we invite you to be a part of this story.

In our event space Plug in Paviljoen we will host a few events:Open daily from 11 till 18Sa 20-1017:00 - 23:00Opening partySa 27-1011:00 - 23:00daydaygayAFTERNOON▶︎Exhibition◀︎▶︎Jake Bellissimo◀︎13:00 - 14:00This singer/songwriter from Rochester, NY will bring us the most beautiful songs. Floating between classical composition, folk, noise, and musical theater.Jake Bellissimo▶︎Workshop Egalian Fairytale Party◀︎15:00 - 16:10Egaila: the fictional world where the gender role of male and female is reversed. During this workshop we will help you to write and draw new fairytale from the Egalian point of view. Ending with a huge map of Egalia filled with our fairytales.Workshop Egalian Fairytale PartyEVENING - PARRRTY!20:00 - 23:00▶︎DJ set◀︎Let's all dance and shake our hips on the well selected tracks by DJ Bas de Beer and Space!boy!▶︎Performances◀︎Lovely performances by Miss Cindy vanderloon and Antoine PanachéSunday 28-1014:00 - 18:00Closing party with Patrick Meis & Maat 47

bygg architecture

Bygg is een Zweeds en Noors werkwoord dat bouwen betekent. Als architectenbureau bouwen wij aan de wereld van morgen met een aantal principes uit Scandinavisch design: Mooie vormgeving en optimale functionaliteit is bereikbaar voor een breed publiek, door goed na te denken over duurzaam beschikbare materialen en de samenstelling daarvan. Wij ontwerpen niet volgens een vaste stijl; dat hangt namelijk af van de wensen van de gebruiker en de mogelijkheden van de locatie. De kracht zit hem in de eenvoud en het durven weglaten wat niet nodig is, met de behoefte van de gebruiker steeds voorop. Het bureau bestaat sinds 2010 en is opgericht door Tim Kouthoofd en Piotr Szczesniak.

Ben Pearce

Making Design
I create things with delicate force, brute feeling and attention to detail and shape. The materials I work with may vary between; steel, copper, wood, leather, and even plastics.

Apart from making things, I can also teach you to make things!
I give regular workshops and master classes in various disciplines.

If you are looking for a custom piece of furniture/ award statues/ promotional gifts I can pretty much make everything to order.

redesign factory / next circle

Bas Luiting is sinds 1998 zelfstanding ondernemer en met zijn kennis en innovaties al jaren een voorloper op de circulaire economie. Zo ontwikkelde en produceerde hij circulaire producten als de Cablefloor, de Chipchain en BB Bricks. Vanaf 2012 is hij werkzaam op Strijp-S, een nieuwe stad tussen de voormalige Philipsfabrieken in Eindhoven, om zijn circulaire ambities verder uit te bouwen. Zijn huidige werkomgeving, de op Strijp-S gevestigde creatieve community Plug-In-City, is in 2017 uitgeroepen tot beste circulaire werkomgeving van Nederland.
Samen met Plug-In-City-partners werkt hij momenteel onder andere aan circulaire studentenhuisvesting. Naast inspirator en kwartiermaker van nieuwe Plug-In-City’s en motivator van bedrijven en organisaties op het gebied van de ‘hands on’ circulaire economie, is Luiting ook initiatiefnemer en aanjager van het Matchmaking platform Zijn missie is om altijd groter te blijven denken.

Miss Billy

Miss Billy is geïnspireerd door de schoonheid van vintage en kleuren, verzameld van over de hele wereld. Alle stukken zijn uniek en hebben een eigen verhaal. Handgemaakt met liefde, vintage denim, vintage leer & prachtige materialen afkomstig van over de hele wereld.
Miss Billy is opgezet door Silke van Elsen. Ze heeft gewerkt als een creative visual merchandise manager en heeft haar eigen vintage (web) shop gehad. In 2015 begon ze haar eigen merk Miss Billy. Sinds die tijd is ze happy member van de Plug In City familie.

Typisch Theo

Theo Brandwijk graduated from the Design Academy in 2011 as a product designer and started ‘Typisch Theo’ in 2012. As a freelancer he worked for MU, Bavaria, Extrema outdoor, Wingman Condoms, Phixion, and many others... In between projects for cliënts he likes to work on his own products and concepts, one of his latest is the ‘lovertjeskraam.’ A food truck in which it is possible to bake heart-shaped poffertjes. Nice for weddings, festivals and of course Valentine's day. Playing with words is his hobby, and humor stands high in the flag for him. This combined with his nonsense mentality and a healthy eye for beauty, funny stuff is bound to arise.

Barbara Medo

A designer in fashion and interior accessories and creator of moods and atmospheres. A curious, experimental, intuitive way of working. The work she makes is inspired by her dreams. She loves how our brain makes connections between what is real for us when we are awake and what is total fantasy. The small border between reality and fantasy and how we can apply these two parts together in the real world has always been a big challenge for her as a designer

Ivo Hulskamp

Ivo Hulskamp (1980) is a product designer and artist. He combines conceptual thinking with advanced productions skills developing conceptual lighting installations, design objects and industrial products.
He successfully finished a degree in mechanical engineering, a bachelor in Product Design at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) and a Master Public Space Design at the MAHKU. He now lives and works in Eindhoven from his own studio at Strijp-S.
He enrolled for a course in mechanical engineering in order to be “able to make anything” and after completion he found a job as a machine builder. He quickly found that the industrial environment was conceptually not satisfying and wanted to make more autonomous work.
In his current work he loves to work with light and makes lamps or light installations. He uses physics and mathematics to solve design problems.

Vertical Gallery

In 2015 a group of international creative practitioners members of the Fictional Collective, Raphael Coutin, Corradino Garofalo, Joan Vellve Rafecas, together with Gabriela Baka and Lorenzo Gerbi from graphic studio Protocoolers join the collaborative project of Plug in City, Eindhoven.

The project that developed from this common initiative is The ‘Vertical Gallery” (VG), an exhibition space and workspace for a diversity of creative interventions, located in Strijp-S area. Particularly, VG presents site-specific works that engage with the Plug-In-City (PIC) community and philosophy. The work developed in VG leave a trace within Plug-In-city. This trace can be physical outcomes, collaborations with the pluggers or immaterial value to add to Plug-In-City concept.


We are a online radiostation based in Eindhoven. We play the finest tunes and speak the hardest truth.



Plastival / Ztudio23

Wesley Nieuwenhuizen is a creative concept designer. Graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in product design Wesley is striving to use his qualities to look towards the future. His graduation project Plastival is about taking a good look at our plastic waste. The project ‘’cook it into something new’’ Wesley reinvents recycling to become an on-site spectacle at festivals, creating cool new products within a short period of time. By using familiar kitchen and fairground machines the process becomes a fascinating attraction.
Experience in graphic, product and concept design he is working his way up to become a multifunctional designer of many trades.

Philippa Horgan Agency

"Het creatieve agentschap voor designers"

Philippa Horgan Agency is een creatief agentschap met een diverse selectie van designers. We houden ervan meerdere disciplines te combineren om overtuigende visuele communicatie te creëren. Deze multi-disciplinaire aanpak maakt ons nieuw en inventief. We creëren, visualiseren, innoveren en adviseren.


Stichting Mediahuis Eindhoven was founded to keep the conversation about media going in Eindhoven. The founding members felt that in a city known for its design and technology, a common and ongoing understanding of what media is and how it can be used was lacking. Especially since media can be understood in multitudes: both vague and clear, private and public, content and channel and many other interpretations. The foundation doesn't mean to confine the term in a set definition, but rather to showcase its multitudes and keep the conversation going. Ultimately, they hope to reach any Eindhovian with the need to talk and/or experience, be it the Philips engineer, the librarian or the gamer.
Last year the Mediahuis presented several programs. They organized LGBTQ-themed talk shows as part of the queerification at the VanAbbe, gaming nights, exhibitions and manifestations and several film nights. At the Plug-In City, they mean to find their footing through regular film screenings, new talk shows, artful programs and all possible collaborations. You might recognize Lotte Monfrooij, Karlijn de Groot en Brendan Vos as its founders, they hope to see you at an event soon! <3


The Pluginpaviljoen is Plug in City's event space.
Here we organise all kinds of events like concerts, theatre, movie nights, exhibitions, workshops, performances, meetings, etc.

DDW 2018 program:

Open daily from 11 till 18

Sa 20-10
20:00 - 23:00
Opening party

Sa 27-10
11:00 - 23:00


▶︎Jake Bellissimo◀︎
13:00 - 14:00
This singer/songwriter from Rochester, NY will bring us the most beautiful songs. Floating between classical composition, folk, noise, and musical theater.
Jake Bellissimo

▶︎Workshop Egalian Fairytale Party◀︎
15:00 - 16:10
Egaila: the fictional world where the gender role of male and female is reversed. During this workshop we will help you to write and draw new fairytale from the Egalian point of view. Ending with a huge map of Egalia filled with our fairytales.
Workshop Egalian Fairytale Party

20:00 - 23:00

▶︎DJ set◀︎
Let's all dance and shake our hips on the well selected tracks by DJ Bas de Beer and Space!boy!

Lovely performances by Miss Cindy vanderloon and Antoine Panaché

Plug in City



een tijdelijk dorp, in het midden van Strijp-S, Eindhoven, dat fungeert als een creative living lab, workshop, evenementenruimte en cultureel centrum.

Door het gebruik van containers, oude ramen, zonnepanelen en andere tweedehands materialen, is deze kleine "stad" gebouwd volgens de principes van Circulaire Economie, waarvoor zij de ABN-Amro Circular Economy Award 2017 ontving.


Plug-in-City wordt georganiseerd en wordt bewoond door een collectief van creatieve professionals, zoals ontwerpers, architecten, kunstenaars en andere individuen, die we 'pluggers' noemen.

We ontwerpen meubels, beeldhouwen hout, buigen neonlichten, tekenen gebouwen, we bouwen machines ...

We stellen social design ter discussie, we verkennen het concept van circulaire economie ...

Naast dat het wordt gebruikt als een living lab en een workshop door de "pluggers", dient de ruimte ook als een cultureel ontmoetingspunt voor de gemeenschap van Strijp-S, waar we regelmatig concerten, workshops, lezingen of allerlei soorten culturele avonden organiseren.


Plug-in-City werd opgericht in 2014, met het concept geïnitieerd door Trudo en de ruimte gebouwd door Bygg Architecture. Het begon allemaal met Het Glaspaviljoen - een evenementenruimte voor de Strijp-S community. Na verloop van tijd kreeg Plug-in-City gezelschap van kunstenaars en ontwerpers, waardoor onze reikwijdte en verkenning van een verscheidenheid aan creatieve velden, van muziek en tuinieren tot mode en productontwerp aanzienlijk werd uitgebreid. De resultaten van onze samenwerking en individueel werk worden continu gepresenteerd tijdens de jaarlijkse Dutch Design Week.


 2018 bracht ons een kans om dit project opnieuw te ontwikkelen en op te waarderen tot wat we "Plug-in-City 2.0" noemen. We werkten aan een nieuw ontwerp dat de visie van PiC nog meer benadrukt: co-creatie gebruiken om van deze ruimte een inspirerende creatieve smeltkroes te maken in Eindhoven.

 Tegelijkertijd nemen we dit moment als een kans om deze gemeenschap te versterken en een officiële entiteit te creëren: Stichting Plug-In-City.


Volg ons programma, ons werk en aarzel niet met ons in contact te komen.

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