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Borokov Borokov + Stippenlift + Karel

Tue 23 Oct in -
Come to the dark basement of Dynamo to experience a night of musical obscurity and weirdness that will blow your mind.
Borokov Borokov

Exactly the opposite to what their name might imply, Borokov Borokov doesn’t never uses the same musical ingredient twice, ever. They have managed to mix up Hi-NRG, punk, global pop, hardcore, lounge and performance art into something that could possibly blow your mind.


Have you ever took a wrong turn while strolling through Tokyo and found yourself in a karaoke bar that sells nipple clips, manga comics and pink milk? We have a feeling Stippenlift has, and that pretty much sums up the weirdness of his sound. Dutch, post-modern synthy weirdness.


You need a DDW Festival ticket to visit this show