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DDW Music Talk

Sun 28 Oct in -

please note: Dutch spoken

Do you follow the newest developments in music streaming and music technology industry? Are you constantly searching for the newest gadgets that innovate the way we consume and produce music? Well then you won’t want to miss DDW Music Talk in the Effenaar.

De Grote Prijs van Nederland and Effenaar Smart Venue are throwing this masterclass with interesting speakers and artists that will bring you the newest insights. Spotify will be thoroughly examined, and all the tips and tricks that artists should know about this streaming service will be discussed. Furthermore, the newest digital instruments and devices shall be presented and the audience will get the opportunity to test them out.

Anne van den Hoogen (Rosemary & Garlic)
Pieter Jan Pieters (OWOW)
Robert Schaeffer & Stephanie van den Hurk (Smart Venue)
+ more t.b.a.