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Timecop1983 + VHS Dreams + more

Thu 25 Oct in -
Get your VHS collection of Knight Rider out. Kip, turn on your engine. Get your neon game on and reminisce of all that is 80’s: it is time for the ultimate synthwave night.

This will give any millenial a flashback to his or her very first computer game experience. Blinking lights, flashing screens and binary bleeps that kept you up all night, will do so again in 2018. And for you younger kids: this is what an old Nintendo used to sound like.

VHS Dreams

Sounds like: Miami Vice, Knight Rider, Scarface and for the people that didn’t get the 80’s: listen to the soundtrack of Drive. This will bring you back to the days off oversized crop shirts, fluorescent spandex, flying speedboats and a wrinkle-free David Hasselhoff.

DJ Devereaux85

As the founder of the “1984 Night at the Arcade” club nights in Amsterdam, this is the perfect guy for keeping the synthwave night going. Inspired and influenced by 1980’s Pop Culture, Devereaux85 takes you on a musical journey through time.


Geoffrey Graven aka Sung is a French-Korean electronic musician. He has dedicated himself to creating music heavily influenced by the 80’s pop culture and cyberpunk. His compositions are a blend of retro synthetic sounds and powerful urban beats. This what the future sounds like, if you’re from the 80’s.

You need a DDW Festival ticket to visit this show