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TheColorGrey + Jay Way + WeLoveWeFunk

Thu 25 Oct in -

You wouldn’t say this urban singer/rapper/songwriter/producer from Antwerp is only 23 years old. His raps and singing combine a tight flow with smooth, laidback vibes, soulful beats and clever lyrics. His blend of hip hop, new soul, blue jazz, cool R&B and urban pop often harbour slightly dark or melancholic undertones.

Jay Way

He once described himself as one of “the uncoolest rappers”, merely because he raps about feelings and not about aggression. But we are still convinced he is very cool. This “uncool kid” has an amazing voice and great flow that will make us all lean back until we fall over.


This group of DJ’s has one of the best record collections in town. Deep funk, raw soul, afrobeat, soul jazz, ’60s R&B and plenty of hip hop; strictly on vinyl. They will keep the party going as if it were a proper block party in the Bronx.

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