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Someone + Hypergoods + Sheverine

Wed 24 Oct in -

Someone is Tessa Rose Jackson’s newest project. This talented singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist has performed under her own name, but she is now getting rid of her own ‘sweet girly image’. As ‘Someone’ she endeavours in the more dangerous, raw and mysterious depths of the musical spectrum. Get ready for psych-pop driven by synths and crunching guitar riffs.


Another product from the Rock City breeding ground. Two girls and a guy that make electropop with funky beats, playful synths and powerful vocals. Hypergoods may be young, but they have already toured the States where they got their eclectic swing going.


One of our Rock City Institute’s newest babies. Find out why Eindhoven has built up a “Rock City” reputation through the years. This Institute has proved to be a breeding ground for young bands and Sheverine is a perfect example. Their Queens Of The Stone Age-sound will make you forget how young these guys are.

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