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DDW Live

DDW Live is the place where you will be surprised by inspirational speakers all week. The DDW Live stage is located in Hall1 in the Klokgebouw, the first hall you will enter in the building. Multiple times a day you can have a seat to enjoy lectures, talkshows, podcasts and more. Kick off your day with DDW Talk & Walk: introduction to… Every day, two speakers will introduce one our composed theme routes. They will amaze you, offer elaboration and invite you to follow the routes. In the afternoon DDW Live at 4 invites you to debate social topics. Join us in a conversation on the role of design in the world, together with pioneers, critics and young talents.
DDW Talk & Walk: an introduction to…

From Sunday until Sunday every morning from 11:00 - 11:50 AM

Sunday 21-10
DDW Talk & Walk, an introduction to Art & Collectables

Monday 22-10
DDW Talk & Walk, an introduction to Future Living
With Annelies Termeer (VPRO | Smart Home Living) and Bureau Moeilijke Dingen

Tuesday 23-10
DDW Talk & Walk, an introduction to New Materials
With Aart van Bezooijen (Material Stories) and others

Wednesday 24-10
DDW Talk & Walk, an introduction to Social Design
With Vera Winthagen and others

Thursday 25-10
DDW Talk & Walk, an introduction to Bio Design

Friday 26-10
DDW Talk & Walk, an introduction to Digital
With Daniel Sytsma (Studio Kraftwerk) and Sofija Stankovic & Teodora Stojkovic (TeYosh)

Saterday 27-10
DDW Talk & Walk, an introduction to Architecture & Public Space

Sunday 28-10
DDW Talk & Walk, an introduction to Makers & Craft
With Crafts Council NL and others

DDW Live @ ED

Every day from 12:00 - 12:50 PM

ED-art editor Rob Schoonen hosts a daily radio show in which he welcomes several DDW participants in the greenhouse on the DDW Live stage.

BGLF Radical Imagination Talks

From Sunday until Sunday from 13:00 hr - 13:50 hr

Sunday 21-10
Makers Unite

Monday 22-10
Vij5 and Attic Lab

Tuesday 23-10
Social Label

Wednesday 24-10
New Material Awards nominees: Inge Sluis, Daria Biryukova and Alexander Marinus

Thurday 25-10
Bright Loops and Van Plestik

Friday 26-10
ArtEz Future Makers

Saturday 27-10
Dutch Institute of Food Design: Adelaide Lala Tam, Kuang-Yi Ku and Alexandra Genis

DDW Live at 4

From Sunday until Saterday every afternoon from 16:00 - 16:50 hour

Sunday 21-10
DDW Live at 4: Enlightened: The search for happiness  
With Govert Flint and others

Monday 22-10
DDW Live at 4: Trailblazing: Pioneers in design
With Chloe Rutzerveld and others

Tuesday 23-10
DDW Live at 4: What’s mine is yours: Ownership & power
With Marieke Rietbergen (Design Innovation Group) and others

Wednesday 24-10
DDW Live at 4: Tolerance: Designing a social attitude
With Tom Loois and others

Thursday 25-10
DDW Live at 4: A wonderful mess: Future resources & materials

Friday 26-10
DDW Live at 4: Clean Tech: Inclusive algorithms
With Angelique Spaninks (MU) and others

Saterday 27-10
DDW Live at 4: Relocation: Designing habitual space


Saturday 20-10 15:00 hour
DDW Live Special / If not us then who?
Featuring our ambassadors Laurens van den Acker, Ravi Naidoo and Wendy Plomp.

Saturday 20-10 16:00 hour
Good Design For A Bad World - Designing The Anthropocene Era
In collaboration with Dezeen

Friday 26-10 14:00 hour

Saturday 27-10 15:00 hour
Why We Design
In collaboration with Thomas Widdershoven