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Renault becomes partner of Dutch Design Week
Design and Easy Life innovations fit the philosophy of Renault perfectly. And Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2018 completes those values seamlessly. Ever since Renault began in 1898, Easy Life has been part of the brand’s DNA; always focusing on innovations to make people’s lives easier, like electric driving. Currently, Laurens van den Acker is at the helm of the Renault design team and in the capacity of Vice President Corporate Design he is one of the ambassadors of the DDW this year. And he is very proud of that.

“It’s absolutely fantastic to be chosen as one of the ambassadors. It provides me with the long-awaited chance to give something back for the many times DDW inspired me.” Laurens van den Acker

Experience the ZOE during DDW

The Design Rides have become an intricate part of the DDW and a very important element of the DDW-program. The fact that it is the most photographed project during the festival proves their enormous popularity among the visitors. Staying true to the further development of the Design Rides, Renault sees it as a logical next step to make them 100% electrical. That is why this year, the DDW visitors can enjoy their transport in the 100% electrical car by Renault, the ZOE and immediately experience its comfort and ease.

Discover the Renault ZOE.

Mobility of the future

The mobility of the future is electric, connected and autonomous. The consumer has the choice to drive or be driven with or without a driver present. In vehicles that are more and more integrated within the infrastructure of cities that are made ‘smart’ by sensors, connectivity and numerous other innovations specially designed to make urban life more enjoyable. To make their vision more tangible Renault has developed several concept cars. One of them is the SYMBIOZ. A concept car that becomes and is part of your living space and forms a valuable extension to your home.

During the DDW, people are able to experience the uniquely integrated glass house and SYMBIOZ concept car at the Ketelhuisplein. Furthermore, on the 19th of October Laurens van den Acker will share his inspiring design vision during a masterclass at the same venue. The masterclass will also run in real-time via a Facebook live-stream. This year, DDW not only gives you a chance to visit the glass house and see the SYMBIOZ concept car but also lets you experience the future of living and mobility.