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Renault becomes partner of Dutch Design Week
Design and Easy Life innovations fit the philosophy of Renault perfectly. And Dutch Design Week (DDW) completes those values seamlessly. Ever since Renault began in 1898, Easy Life has been part of the brand’s DNA; always focusing on innovations to make people’s lives easier, like electric driving.

"Will there ever be a more opportune time to develop new forms of mobility? Renault is a front-runner and is using three robo-vehicle concepts EZ-GO, EZ-PRO and EZ-ULTIMO to explore possibilities for sustainable and shared mobility solutions of the future."

Experience the ZOE during DDW

The Design Rides have become an intricate part of the DDW and a very important element of the DDW-program. The fact that it is the most photographed project during the festival proves their enormous popularity among the visitors. Staying true to the further development of the Design Rides, Renault sees it as a logical next step to make them 100% electrical. That is why, since DDW18, the DDW visitors can enjoy their transport in the 100% electrical car by Renault, the ZOE and immediately experience its comfort and ease.

Discover the Renault ZOE.

New Renault ZOE

The speedy development of the electric car

10 Nov, 2019
Dutch Design Week
With new electric motors and innovative batteries, electric vehicles are literally and figuratively speeding ahead. But they are also making a vital contribution to the use of sustainable energy, as visitors of Dutch Design Week (DDW) could see this year.

The ‘car of the future’ soon available to everyone

04 Nov, 2019
Dutch Design Week DDW19
Rapid population growth, urbanisation, and concerns about the environment are forcing us to look for a new concept of mobility. At Dutch Design Week (DDW), Renault has presented its vision of ‘the mobility of the future’ in the form of three futuristic concept cars.

Robots to deliver to Dutch consumers’ doors

15 Oct, 2019
Dutch Design Week DDW19
The dramatic rise in parcel deliveries has resulted in increasing logistical difficulties. The solution may be to adopt self-driving robotic vehicles. At Dutch Design Week (DDW), visitors can take a look at one of these vehicles inside Klokgebouw.

The ‘car of the future’ is part of an intelligent ecosystem

10 Oct, 2019
Dutch Design Week DDW19
Our future cars will connect seamlessly with our ‘connected society’, allowing us to travel faster, safer, more efficiently and more sustainably. During Dutch Design Week (DDW), Renault will present its vision of a connected society through three futuristic concept cars.

The future of electric driving

13 Nov, 2018
Partner Mobility
Renault is a forerunner in the field of 100% electric cars in Europe. In addition to developing new models, Renault invests extensively in a number of innovative collaborations with, a.o., the city council of Paris (France) and the municipality of Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Recap #DDW18 | Masterclass of Laurens van den Acker

02 Nov, 2018
During Dutch Design Week (DDW), DDW ambassador Laurens van den Acker presented a glimpse of his future of mobility.