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Enversed Realities 2018

All week in Veem | Floor 7 by Enversed
This event is open for the public.

Enversed Realities 2018 : Dive into a whole new virtual reality.

Enversed Realities Expo 2018 promises to be the Ultimate Virtual Reality Expo once again! Take a dive into the world of Enversed itself, upload yourself as a digital avatar, go on a virtual adventure with your friends, experience numerous VR Simulators and learn more about the creative process behind it all. We welcome you to experience virtual reality on a whole new level.

So what does Enversed actually mean? Enversed is a combination of the word ‘’Enter’’ and ‘’Universe’’. During Enversed Realities Expo 2018 you are able to take the first steps into our new and exciting virtual universe that we continue to build in the coming future. We invite you to enter and experience a virtual universe full of exciting stories and adventures with your friends and family. Enversed is the portal for you to experience this new undiscovered world and in a sense, you become enversed into an exciting new virtual reality.

We are especially excited about this year’s expo because we invite you to be the first to experience our new Freeroaming VR Experience, VR Race & Omni Simulator! You can be the first to experience these new experiences that takes your Virtual Reality experience to a whole new level.

So what to expect? Live your dreams and take a parasailing adventure in our FLIGHT simulator or experience the pure joy of racing (and winning!) against your friends in a 4-player racing experience; the ultimate driving experience for speed devils. What’s more? Feel the full freedom of the state-of-the-art OMNI simulator that allows you to run freely in virtual reality in any direction without the constraints of the physical world. Imagine what you can do with such technology!

Also, learn more about our design process and experience first-hand how this new virtual reality changes your perception of the ‘’real’’ reality. Talk to our Immersive Technology Experts and discover how VR/AR/MR can be used in e.g. training applications and large-scale research projects.

In addition to the Enversed Realities Expo itself, we offer Virtual- and Mixed Reality Masterclasses that focus on the value and applications that game-technology and gamification in relation to VR / AR / MR bring to the design industry. We offer hands-on insight that you can directly use in your own company and/or business strategy.

Please visit www.enversed.com/ddw-2018 for more in-depth information on the Masterclasses. Please note that the Masterclasses are not included in the DDW Expo and must be booked in advance.

If that is not enough, experience the VR ONE, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Go along with numerous interactive installations and digitalize yourself into your own virtual Avatar! The Enversed Realities Expo is held at the Enversed VR Center Eindhoven on the 7th floor of the Veem in Eindhoven. Access to the VR Center’s Premium VR-Rooms is exclusively for Enversed ticket holders. Tickets can be purchased on www.enversed.com/en/book-your-vr-room. The Enversed Realities Expo 2018 however is freely accessible for the entire public from 20-28 October! So don’t miss it!

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