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Print Pakt Live

All week in Yksi by KVGO | Print Pakt
This event is open for the public.

(Re)discover the power of print! ‘Print Pakt Live’ will be showing you the very best in print during Dutch Design Week, in an exhibition that was designed by Dutch graphic designer, illustrator and architect Joost Swarte.

And we are proud to be able to present to you – for the very first time in Eindhoven – the complete selection of all 33 Best Dutch Book Designs 2017. These books were selected by an expert jury from 342 entries for last years competition, based on their distinct qualities in content, design, images, typography, choice of materials, print and finishing.

Come visit Print Pakt Live at YKSI, Torenallee 22-04 I5617 BD Eindhoven

Op De Kaart

Graphic arts companies will once again present their specialties on 10x15 postcards, made from exceptional materials, using special printing technologies and various ways of finishing and enhancing. Visitors to Print Pakt Live are invited to take these cards and get inspired – or send them out (for free – thanks to PostNL) from the event.

Print Promotor

There will be a graphic arts expert available every day to explain to you everything you always wanted to know about ink and paper, but were afraid to ask

Print Pakt Paper Trail

We have prepared a special 'Print Pakt Paper Trail' to guide you to some of the best print and paper projects on display during DDW

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