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Artificial Intelligence Training Center

All week in Natlab by Bureau Moeilijke Dingen
This event is open for the public.

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Training Center. In this lab a series of everyday products can be found that have acquired Artificial Intelligence, but require to be trained even more. It will be up to you to teach those products the right behavior and help them make sense of the world. These aren’t all-knowing, sentient machines created by big corporations, but small, mundane, and somewhat clumsy AIs, that are raised by you.

Artificial Intelligence (or AI for short) is a technology that mimics how we as humans make sense of things. An AI cannot be programmed in the same way as traditional computer programs, but instead it needs to be trained with huge amounts of data. By seeing examples and trial-and-error, the AI learns how to make sense of things, sometimes even better than any human could.

AI is a very powerful technology, that at this moment completely in the hands of data scientists and a few big corporations, such as Google, Apple and Facebook. Our goal is to democratize AI, and make it more accessible to everyone. This exposition starts a dialogue on the future of training AIs and poses questions on transparency, bias and responsibility. As AIs will only become increasingly commonplace in our future everyday life, take a peek into the future in our Artificial Intelligence Training Center!

The Artificial Intelligence Training Center is part of The Frankenstein Expo by Baltan Laboratories

Bureau Moeilijke Dingen

Bureau Moeilijke Dingen is a design studio that focuses on the development of intelligent products.

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