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Innovatie en creativiteit, hoe stimuleer je dat in de werk- en leeromgeving?

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By Inside Information

Inside Information (Interior design & architecture magazine), (innovation stimulating interior-products) and

IGLUU (workplace for professionals)

Publisher Gelderland(of architecture-books +),

Office Academy(interiorarchitecture; well-being, health, identitity, innovation)


How to stimulate 'Innovation and creativity ' in the work-space?

How to encourage curiosity and to disrupt routines?

How to stimulate the interaction and exchange of thoughts?

What can we learn from the creative sector, the art-acadamies and the incubator-workspaces?What is the role of art, of nature, of identity and vision visualisation in creating a creative environment?How to support the Design Thinking proces through a good spatial concept?

These and other questions will be addressed in the interactive lecture: Innovation & Creativity by journalist, interior and design strategist Kitty de Groot. Many interior-project examples, research results and visions of innovators, artists, architects and designers will be touched on.

Kitty de Groot is design journalist for the (interior)architecture magazine Inside Information and author of the book: New ways of working. She is fascinated about the interaction between innovation, design, culture and user- psychology. Her background: Interior Architecture and Industrial Design, in which she has been active in the Netherlands and abroad and for which she gained multiple awards. She currently lectures in design (psychology) & innovation and is founding partner of, innovation stimulating furniture.

For who:

For those wanting to stimulate innovation & creativity in the workspace.

For those active in (interior)architecture and workspace design.

When: 26 Oktober at 14:00-15:30

Where:at IGLUU, Lichttroren 32

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Kitty de Groot

Kitty de Groot is
- Journalist in (interior)architecture & design
- Author of the book: #New working manners.
- Lecturer in design & innovation
- Partner
She has worked in multiple countries and directed various design and innovation teams.