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All week in Sectie-C: Hall 16 by Stigmergy•Family•Studio
This event is open for the public.


A three-channel journey through the world of ·Stigmergy·Family·Studio· and its agents, archives, locations, research, and projects. ·S·F·S· considers the foundation of a contemporary design studio as a nomadic and pervasive rhizome that follows and questions the interwoven logics of 24/7 availability, ubiquitous globalisation, just-in-time logistics, seasonal cycles, and rapid technological adaptation. This installation connects, from east to west, Shenzhen, Istanbul, and Eindhoven as design ecosystems, each with their own cultures, resources, ideologies, economies, infrastructures and networks. ·S·F·S· PORTAL opens windows into these diverse, geographically distant but interconnected sites in the form of applied design investigations that extract, synthesise, and recontextualise elements and models from each city. This collective research forms an open and growing archive of hybrid proposals, products, and portraits of an evolving geography of making, questioning and experimenting with how we define and materialise the concepts of design, studio, and collaboration today.

•Stigmergy•Family•Studio• is an investigation into new conditions shaping design “in the wild”—in particular, the global logistics chain and digital platforms for communication and transaction—through an experimental studio pedagogy. ·S·F·S· takes its name from three different social systems: stigmergy, a type of decentralised, self-organising network; the family business, which is fundamental in rapidly developing markets and in sectors of making and manufacture; and the studio format of design education. ·S·F·S· is interested in observing and working through the variety of flows—visible/invisible, private/public, material/immaterial, mainstream/marginal, online/offline—that circulate ideas, designs, components, objects, and money through transnational lines of exchange. ·S·F·S· was launched by Martina Muzi in 2017 as part of her research into the production ecosystem of Shenzhen and has developed into a studio course in the Social Design master’s programme at Design Academy Eindhoven. Students, Spring 2018: Yiqian Bao, Valerie Daude, Lauriane Heim, Ed Lewis, Lukas Adrian Jurk, Robin Weidner, Marylou Petot, Marianne Drews, Mathew Dominic, Indre SrebaliĹ«tÄ—.

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