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All week in Veem | Floor 2 by Julia Schwarz
This event is open for the public.

Unseen Edible - Lichen as Food

When the population is growing, crops are failing and climate get even more extreme - which alternatives do we have to overcome the predicted food shortage? Next to the highly traded algae and insects also lichen show a great potential as a future food source. The resistant lichen - not to be confused with moss - may show up as superfoods, act like medicine and can even grow on Mars!

Lichen are organisms consisting of mushroom and algae. Especially the common yellow lichen starts to multiply a lot in urban space and the farmed countryside. UNSEEN EDIBLE imagines a society where lichen will be used in daily life and even get multiplied.

A first tasting will include lichen bread with diverse cold lichen bits and schnaps.

Julia Schwarz is an Austrian designer who recently did her Master in industrial design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She has a social and system driven focus on designing future. Julia uses design as a research tool and is interested in the intersection of design and science. Investigative methods are a key for her to shape perspectives for potential future as she did in ‘Unseen Edible’ where lichen are used as food source.  


Related interactions and an user’s experience are important parts in all layers of her work.


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