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Selection of 2018 collection

All week in Piet Hein Eek by Mokko
This event is open for the public.

Mokkō will devote its exhibition at Piet Hein Eek to a common theme running through its design - the fascination for Japan.Mokkō will exhibit a selection of furniture which is inspired by the Japanese sense of aesthethics.In addition,Mokkō will showcase an installation for visitors to experience its new acoustic panel series, in a closed environment that will offer a serene moment of calmth in the busy exhibition space.

Aad Bos

Aad Bos is the designer and founded at Mokkō. While traveling through Japan, Aad got fascinated by the Japanese dedication to perfection and ​sense of ​aesthetic​s affecting every aspect of life in Japan. Not long thereafter ​Aad ​decided to​ leave the corporate business environment and​ start a design ​studio of his own.

Aad followed courses in art, design and craft at the Edinburgh College of Art, Morley College London and the Delft University of Technology. Before founding Mokkō, Aad worked as a corporate lawyer for 5 years in Istanbul, London and Amsterdam, while spending his spare time on art, craft and design.


Mokkō is an Amsterdam based design studio for products and spaces, representing a modern simplicity inspired by Japanese aesthetics. Mokkō​ means woodworking in Japanese, which is a reference to its source of inspiration, or rather - its source of fascination.

Our products are made of natural, sustainable materials and are hand finished by Amsterdam craftsmen. The field of spaces includes custom interior furnishing representing a modern interpretation of a serene Japanese style, striving to create pleasing and inspiring rather than impressing spaces.


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