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The Attention Fair

in Veem | Floor 2 by Studio Julia Janssen
This event is open for the public.


explore the future of your data.

The Internet has enriched our lives. More and more devices are connected with us and each other, designed to make our lives comfortable and efficient. But because this online world has created many opportunities and excellent services, we quickly forget to have a critical attitude towards the companies who develop them.

When you use services from companies like Google, Amazon, Uber or Netflix, we create information about our preferences, needs, tastes, friends, desires, fairs, and secrets. Via an extensive network of apps, advertisements, websites, payment methods, loyalty cards and clouds, your behavior is continuously monitored, stored, and combined. The amount of data that we produce is ballooning, and details and intimacy within this information are increasing. But currently, we, the producers of personal data, are in no position of control nor power. We tend to think that we are provided with a ‘free’ service. But the word ‘free’ is written in quotation marks because it is misleading that these services really are for free. You are just paying for usage with a special currency: The currency of your online behavior. The currency of data.

The data business has enslaved you. ‘Googling’ ‘apping’ ‘shopping’ and ‘searching’ has become an act of labor. Tech companies are not just striking big paydays by collecting, analyzing and selling your data. They also gain the power of knowledge and control over your behavior and thinking. You are a product of the data economy. Traded to the highest bidder. Left with no choice other than exit the service or to accept this.

THE ATTENTION FAIR. is one year research into possible scenarios to claim ownership right of data for individuals, new methodologies for the privacy policies and the value of behavior. In a variety of games, experiments, and visuals you will learn about the data economy and speculate on the future of your online self.

:i:am the product of my own information

This project is supported by the Grand for Talent Development from Creative Industries Fund NL, and the SIDN fund for Innovation and Internet projects.


Studio Julia Janssen

Studio Julia Janssen



Julia Janssen is a Design Researcher and Lecturer with a background in graphic design, graduated at the ArtEZ Institute of Arts in Arnhem (2016). Her research focuses on alternative currencies, new economic systems and the impact of technology on our society. By combining research and science with fiction and speculation, she interrogates currently applied systems and visualizes new perspectives on present matters.  



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