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We Are Human Rights

All week in Sectie-C: Hall 14 by Foundation We Are
This event is open for the public.

In hall 14 on Sectie-C a unique audio experience awaits the visitor.

The designers of Foundation We Are have collaborated in the past months with an extraordinary group of human rights defenders. This collaboration started together with Justice & Peace, an organisation from The Hague that helps human right defenders in their fight against human rights violations such as police brutality, unlawful arrests or the absence of a free and independent press.

The designers dove into the turbulent labor and lives of the human right defenders and have researched how design can contribute to their fight.

This extraordinary experience will be exhibited in an extraordinary way. Via an audiotour the visitor will be guided through the experiences and discoveries the designers have had and the questions that were raised during these encounters. How do you approach such a heavy subject? How can a design influence a secluded community? What consequences do you have to think of when the subject of your project can’t even share a picture online in fear of the repercussions in their home country?

This and more, hall 14, Sectie-C. We Are awaits your visit.


Bernhard Lenger

Chairman & Founder

Hannah van Luttervelt

Designer & Coordinator

Kornelia Dimitrova

Designer & Head of Research

Maxime Benvenuto

Designer & Curator in Chief

Lucandrea Baraldi

Designer & Narrative Curator

Jella Lena van Eck

Designer & Visual Strategist

Daeun Lim

Illustrator in Chief

Karen van Luttervelt

Graphic Designer

Foundation We Are

Foundation We Are is a consulting design agency working together with experts to innovate. We use collaborative design in order to transform social and legal systems.

Specifically, Foundation We Are provides a platform that enables the collaboration between designers and decision-makers, and creates space to redesign societal and legal fields. The foundation fosters collaborative design techniques where expert knowledge cross-pollinates with creative thinking in order to generate innovative solutions. Increasing poverty and inequality indicate that current societal and legal frameworks become insufficient. Laws and diplomacy can be approached as matters of design. In effect, society can be re-designed by making the complex - clear. Working towards solutions can benefit by repositioning the problematics, in an analytical, critical, or even analogical manner. In this way, design reveals new trajectories for improvement that can result in topical small-scale interventions or even visualising systems or structures in a way that makes them understandable. Overall, the combination of design thinking with expertise can generate projects and proposals that bring innovation at many societal scales: neighbourhood, city, country and trans-national institutions. Design is not only about solving material or aesthetic problems. It is a way of thinking, a way of analysing, more importantly, it is a way of seeing the world. We need to see systems function differently, that is how designers will contribute to other disciplines.



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