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All week in The Student Hotel by Wouter Corvers
This event is open for the public.

As part of the VPRO television series De toekomstbouwers, host Wilfried de Jong interviews eight young designers with ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow. Do you want to admire their work in person? You can find the work of Wouter Corvers in the exhibition Embassy of Urban Transformationat DDW, read more about the project below:

Can a 2.05 m tall person live together with a 1.70 m tall person? To research this questionWouter Corvers and Ilse Zuidingadecided to built there own house. At more than 2m tall, Wouter Corvers is beyond average, yet very aware of the norm when it comes to the scale of public space. Why is every bench, toilet and money machine made for a height of 1,77m, when mankind is much more diverse? In this project Wouter Corvers and Ilse Zuidinga (1.70m tall) tried to find a way to live together in a house they've built it them self. The height of the house is two times Wouter's length, the kitchen has two different heights and even the hooks of the coat rack are in a sloping line.

Wouter Corvers

Wouter Corvers: Giving new perspectives on contemporary themes within the public domain. Topical themes: shared space, inclusive design and temporary architecture.

I like to start from my personal fascination. Practical research, social experiments and public interventions. Finding while building, analyzing by doing.

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