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Ba Hoe

All week at Dynamo | Downtown By mo man tai
Endorsed by Effenaar, Friendly Fire

Next to designing products studio mo man tai also offers design services to third parties, focusing on creative collaboration, sustainability and (re-)use of innovative materials and processes. And, since 2014, studio mo man tai has annually (co-)designed an installation for visitors of Dutch Design Week.

[ba hoe] expression of affirmative excitement and joy, usually as a reply to good news. Can also be used as greeting.
This definition from the urban dictionary perfectly expresses the overarching theme of this year’s installation.
Through digital printing the clothing industry is revolutionized. Everybody is able to upload their preferred pattern or colour scheme in the end resulting in a fully customized and eco-friendly piece of clothing…
The space will be filled with a colourful exhibit. Many meters of digitally printed eco-fabrics - showing the principles of the production process past and present in an abstract manner - will be draped on special designed display frames and showroom furniture. Throughout the installation concept economical and environment-friendly material use had the highest attention.
More background info at - running up to and after DDW18 this site will be regularly updated.

Ulrike Jurklies

Of German origin; Ulrike Jurklies first finished an apprenticeship in furniture making before studying industrial design in Munich. During her studies and after her graduation she worked in Hong Kong. Here she decided to start her own brand and founded the label mo man tai in 2000. In 2004 she moved to the Netherlands where the company is now located.

mo man tai

The Dutch design label mo man tai was founded by industrial designer Ulrike Jurklies. The clear, uncomplicated, colourful aesthetics form the basis for our timeless design and pleasure of use.