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Embassy of Urban Transformation: Workshop What Design Can Do

in The Student Hotel by World Design Event
A different price applies for this event (Free). This is due to the exclusivity of the event. Get ticket here.

How do we ensure sustainable energy in cities? Join the Clean Energy Challenge and sign up for our workshop What Design Can Do. During this actively workshop we support you in hitting upon new starting points for innovative services, and developing strategies for future-proof cities.

About half the world's population currently lives in cities, and they continue to grow. Most energy is used in large cities, and the largest part of the energy that we use comes from fossil fuels. This energy source is the biggest cause of climate change. In short: all cities are exposed to various challenges due to their bustle and climate change. This requires, among others things, a new interpretation of facilities in the city. How do you make cities with a rich history, such as Amsterdam, sustainable and keep them resistant to climate change? How do you ensure that people are more connected with each other and with their environment?

Do you know how we can make energy supply more sustainable? This workshop is free and suitable for students, policy makers, designers, creatives etc. to inspire, devise, test and launch solutions for the Clean Energy Challenge. This Design Jam is part of the Embassy of Urban Transformation by Make Design Work.

More information:https://www.makedesignwork.com/workshop-de-zelfvoorzienende-stad

Clean Energy Challenge

What Design Can Do has created the Clean Energy Challenge. What Design Can Do, IKEA Foundation, Gemeente Amsterdam, Metropoolregio Amsterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam and ABN AMRO invite designers and creative entrepreneurs to re-think about how we produce, distribute and use energy in our cities. This challenge is aimed at tackling different aspects of energy use in large cities, such as energy interventions in the public space, campaigns and neighborhood initiatives to make people aware or alternatives to cooling or heating the city.
More information: https://cleanenergychallenge.whatdesigncando.com/

Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken

Make Design Work is initiated by service design agency Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken. They combine years of experience in improving innovation processes and setting up R&D departments within small and large organizations through their workshop platform. As an innovative agency, they know from daily experience how to efficiently encourage innovation within organizations. Their curriculum is not from an instruction book, but from testing prototypes in the field. That’s how they created unique workshops.

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