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VPRO Medialab | Home Smart Home

DDW Talk & Walk, an introduction to Future Living

All week at Dynamo | Downtown By Dutch Design Foundation

Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) stimulates and connects creative initiatives to reinforce the national and international reputation in the field of top technology and design. DDF is a foundation with the objective of initiating and strengthening national and international design initiatives in the field of design and innovation.

At DDW Talk & Walk: an introduction to… our speakers Annelies Termeer from VPRO (Smart Home Living) and Bureau Moeilijke Dingen introduce the theme-route Future Living. The Future Living Route captures how technology is helping shape our world into a better, healthier and maybe even more social place – but also how we are shaped by technology.

DDW Talk & Walk: an introduction to… is the perfect start of your day. Every day, two speakers from our DDW programme introduce one of the thematic routes. They surprise you, offer elaboration en invite you to explore the corresponding route that is composed by a team of internal and external topic-oriented experts.

Annelies Termeer

Annelies Termeer is copy editor at VPRO Medialab. The VPRO Medialab explores the narrative potential of new technologies such as VR, big data and augmented reality. At DDW this year, they put focus on the smart home and Internet of Things in their project Home Smart Home. This consists of three short movies, an experience and an exhibition. All of which are open to visitors in the Albert van Abbehuis.

Luke Noothout - Bureau Moeilijke Dingen

Bureau Moeilijke Dingen is an Eindhoven based design studio that focuses on the development of intelligent products, from idea to product. With a clear focus on data-driven projects on the cutting edge of the digital and physical world.