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Home Smart Home - Exhibition

All week at Dynamo | Downtown By VPRO Medialab
Endorsed by Effenaar, Friendly Fire

VPRO Medialab

The media landscape is changing rapidly. New technologies and platforms are constantly emerging. This gives way to new manners of creating and consuming media. That is why public broadcaster VPRO thinks it is relevant to experiment with new content, new technologies and devoloping new esthetics. VPRO Medialab, founded by VPRO in 2015, explores the storytelling potential of new technologies. How can a public broadcaster use Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, artificial intelligence, big data or smart speakers? How do we use these technologies in a way that matches the VPRO dna: to tell stories that explore and challenge? To explore these questions, VPRO Medialab, develops projects and collaborates actively with other disciplines, ouside the media sector.

Home Smart Home: exhibition
Everyday devices, such as a TV, a fridge, the thermostat, an alarm clock, are being increasingly linked to the internet. They are then referred to as smart or connected devices. You can adjust the lighting in your house using an app and order your groceries using a digital home assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Your habits are recorded and devices are better able to judge your needs so that you have to make fewer decisions yourself. At the same time, they save your data and sell it on to large companies.
In the Albert Van Abbehuis, VPRO Medialab explores the future of living together with smart devices at home. In the CONNECT room you can see the newest devices that improve how we run our households. In the DISCONNECT room the visitor is disconnected from smart digital systems by special artworks that sketch a contrarian, disconnected scenario. The exhibition includes three short films made by young filmmakers who present possible scenarios of the near future in a smart home. The short films are made by: MAYA (Nils and Anouk Vleugels), ALEX (Levi Verspeek and Roman Strijbos), RITA (Elly Scheele and Ivo van Aart).
Albert van Abbehuis, Bilderdijklaan 19, Eindhoven
Entrance free, from 11:00-18.00.

VPRO Medialab