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Mind the Story #2

All week at Dynamo | Downtown By Universities of Technology Eindhoven, Delft & Twente

Smart Mobility Monday

12:00 - 13:00From The Car To The City: Design Futures For Transport

Sarah Housley,Senior Editor at trend forecasters WGSN, will explore the future of transport, from smart tech to sustainability demands. Linking transport innovations to wider design and lifestyle trends, we’ll think about the needs and desires of the users of these new spaces, as well as the cities they will lead to, and the facilities, textures and emotions we’ll be looking for in the transport spaces, services and products of the future.

13:00 - 14:00Team Stella Vie

The world’s first solar-energy family car on public roadsThe twenty-six students that make up the Solar Team Eindhoven developed Stella Vie, the first solar- energy family car suitable for public highways, winner of the World Solar Cruiser Solar Class Australia. The five-meter long solar car is about 1.65 meters wide, has a five square meter solar panel incorporated in its roof and with five people on board can reach an average speed of 69 kilometers anhour. Solar Team Eindhoven hopes that Stella will stimulate the transition to a more sustainable world, both in mobility and daily life.

14:00 - 15:00 Electric Superbike from Twente

15 students of the University of Twente and Saxion University of AppliedSciences have been building an electric racing mootrcycle. With thismotorcycle, we are going to race in the MotoE competition. This superbikehas around 200 hp and weighs around 220kg, which will accelerate thesuperbike in around 3 seconds to the 100 km/h and gives it a top speed of250 km/h!

15:00 - 16:00 Team InMotion - Vision

The ultimate electric racing car of the futureHot on the heels of the environmentally friendly formula racing car ‘Ignition’ and the fastest electric formula car in the world, ‘Fusion’, the InMotion team presents the ‘Vision’, the racing car of the future. The aerodynamically designed Vision is still in its concept phase; fine-tuning to shorten the charging time and extension of the endurance have the focus of attention. If these innovative challenges aretackled successfully, the Vision will be the first electric car to compete in the 24-hour Le Mans.

16:00 - 17:00University Racing Eindhoven

Educating the Engineers of the FutureUniversity Racing Eindhoven (URE) is the biggest and longest established TU Eindhoven student team. Each year the students design and build an entirely electric formula-style racing car. Together with a large number of partners they work toward the annual Formula Student. Around 700 teams take part in the biggest student design competition in the world, of which about 140 with an electric car. This year the unofficial world championships took place in Germany and the team achieved a fifthposition.