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Creative Ukraine: MODERN_ISM

All week in TAC by Art-East+Art-West | Prostir86
A different price applies for this event (TAC exhibition: €3,00, free with DDW ticket).

There is no strict definition of Modernism. Modernism is not an art movement, but rather the search for special artistic means in an era of turbulent changes, an attempt to change the paradigm and adapt the form to the needs of modern society.

Modernism emphases innovation and experimentation in forms, materials and techniques, and is especially relevantduring the titanic social and civilizational shifts.

The _ISM like umbrella combines different trends and movements in non-classical art, giving a new dimension to reality. Our modern_ism must again be modern, that is to say, neoteric, innovative, experimental. It has to combine different ideas and technologies in order to bring closer more human and conscious world.

Ukrainian creative community recalls the history of Ukrainian modernism feeling its simplicity and energy, looking for interesting innovative solutions to actual problems and converting deep contents into a material object.

Andriy Khvorostyanov

Kinetic composition "Well"

The object is a mirror in a massive frame. The external structural element is made of perforated metal in the shape of a truncated cone, another one rotates around it. From the backside of the "well" light sources create a visual effect of moiré pattern. To create the object, the author used an aged mirror, perforated etched metal, light sources, plywood and a small motor.
Kinetic composition develops around the mirror. When you look deep into the well, you see your reflection in the mirror-like water surface, the glare of light on its walls and plunge into a meditative state.
Despite the fact that the "Well" looks like an art object, it still has a utilitarian function and can be put into mass production.

Inna Pedan

Lighting divider "Meeting is the beginning of breaking up"
Decor "MAX"

Inna believes that modernism exists outside the usual history of art. This is the course, the school, the direction, the work of individual masters, which updates the artistic language using experiment and mature sense of self-identity. She defines her "modernism" as "romantic conceptualism" or, conversely, "conceptual romanticism".
In the shadow lantern Zoustrich above all, there is a contour line that creates its internal and external space. But the space here is not simple - it consists of two parts, transformed from a visible object (lantern) into a metaphor for relations between people, a metaphor of feelings, a metaphor of beauty. And perhaps a metaphor of the love date, existence-presence and the occurrence of anything in something that is invisible and tangible only by sight and mind. This is Space-Eye, it is all present and elusive. Capricious game of shadows and shapes creates personal reality, imaginary echoes and dance forms and associations.
The form of art object MAX is exceptionally functional and corresponds to its function. Semantically, it is a formula of cosmogonic creation, the model for the universe. The greatest unity is achieved by only three elements. The middle part is crucifix, the most static part of the object. More movable elements make up various variants of the composition, unfolding in a sequence of characters or in architectural-sculptural group.

Valerii Kuznetsov

CUBA BUBA game module for children's hospitals.

The small architectural form “CUBA BUBA” (https://www.cuba-buba.com) is a standalone gaming module created to help children with neurological disorders. It allows developing fine motor skills in a funny and unusual creative game. It also helps young patients to relax in a friendly emotional environment.

CUBA-BUBA stands for:
Motivation for creativity and active play
Synthesis (goals, dreams, images)
Tactile experiments
Motor skills (effects on different muscle groups)
Sociability: communication with parents and other children
Color therapy (choice of color and composition)
Psychological relief and physical activity
Psychological analysis

The module is installed in the clinic at the Children's City Clinical Hospital №5 (Dnipro) in October 2017 and has a great success.

Masha Reva

Jewelry and ceramic collection ELLIPSEE

Ceramics Masha Reva x Nadiia :
Nadiia is a brand focused on unlocking the spiritual, artistic and tactile potential of physical objects we encounter in our everyday life. The first chapter is a collection of ceramics handmade in Ukraine using traditional craft techniques in collaboration with Kyiv-based artist Masha Reva. With its signature thick black lines and strokes of bold colours, Reva’s art brings out the warmth and beauty of Ukrainian pottery, which has been an integral part of family and community for generations. Nadiia was established in 2018 by Nadiia Shapoval. The ethos of the project is to combine traditional craft techniques and materials, which have a unique history, with the cutting edge talent of contemporary creatives.
Jewellery Masha Reva x Ellipsee:
Collaboration Masha Reva x Ellipsee is a third edition of partnership of Ukrainian-based jewelry brand Ellipsee and artist and designer Masha Reva. Each series of the collaboration develops a concept of wearable sculptures, explores playfulness of lines translated into silver or gilded silver wire, laser cut plates and inlaid enamel drawings. Collection designed and crafted in-house in order to keep the highest quality. Each item is manufactured over the course of 6-8 hours using only recycled metals to minimize environmental impact.

Sergey Makhno

Armchair “Botan” and ceramic collection of vases and lamps “Travelers”. www.makhno.com.ua

One day we will live in a completely different world. Cactuses will drop their needles and people will stop making tequila out of them. Mild summer will be all year, and fluffy snow will only fall on the Christmas Eve. Nobody will protect your personal space, breakfasts will last for hours. Words like “war” and “home” will become archaisms. But there will always be paper books that smell like adventures and passion.
This world will be built by strangers who do not accept today’s world. Therefore, we have created a hiding place for them – a chair called “Botan”. It will carefully protect every dream until it becomes a plan.
Soft upholstery can be made in any material, but we enjoy natural ones. It has a convenient form, you can either sit there or lie, work or nap. Noise and visual-isolation. Nothing to add, it is just a new world.

Kateryna Sokolova

Candle holders set "ORB" and "EL" lamps for brand NOOM.

The geometric sphere at all times was a symbol of integrity and harmony. Spherical sculptural ORB composition consists of seven metal candlesticks. Each candlestick has two functional sides for different types of candles.
Seven is not a random number. All peoples and religions of the world paid a special attention to the number seven. It is a sacred, magical number, perhaps the most known mystical number and general symbol for all religions and cultures of the world.
The collection EL is named after the supremacist artist El Lissitzky. This collection continues the line of vases and lamps Suprematic, designed by Kateryna Sokolova for NOOM. Both collections are inspired by the suprematism art movement, focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colours.

Natasha Yegorova

Collections "UKR.BUD" and "Supermatizm" for brand TASHA ORO

The author and founder of TASHA ORO Natasha Yegorova considers industrial garbage the most urgent problem of the 21st century. She sees the participation in the process of forming a good and healthy society through appropriate design ideas as her most important task. "The idea of a new life of industrial waste, the transformation of industrial garbage into art is my own modernism."
UKR.BUD. The line "Ukrainian Buddhism" was born from the memories of sand castles on the beaches of our childhood. One sand drop after another, an amazing structure is growing higher and higher ... Watching this miracle growing out of your palms is complete meditation! For this line is used: rubber brass parts of the Soviet automobile industry and household appliances, vintage porcelain; method: cold welding.
SUPREMATIZM. Graphic and energetic, interspersed with color, suprematic tashaoros stylishly complement any look. Multiple Vintage Rubber Hoses, Cold Method
welding, hidden fastener magnet

Kateryna Morgental

"VIRSHI" project

The founder of the brand, Catherine Morgenthal, unlike other designers, is looking for inspiration not in the visual plane, but in the primary sense of the word (or logos). Her idea is to illustrate the rhythms of modernist poetry, to study the perception of sound and image. Her project translates poems in a rhythmic ornament, visualizes the vibrating sound, turning it into an abstract geometry. Catherine encourages everyone to create a unique pattern based on their favorite poetry. The alternation of vowels, consonants and intervals gives a unique combination of geometric shapes, and verses come to life in matter.

Anton Beschastnyi

SPACE CODE PRINTED jewelry collection for brand ABCDRINGS

Anton Beschastny is the author of a conceptual collection of steel rings of pure geometric form, produced by the modern technology of 3D printing. Anton believes that design has two important functions: aesthetics and utility. The love for aesthetics shows a high level of culture, and usefulness is important, because it saves time, resources and strength and makes life easier.
For Anton, modernism is a way of thinking and acting, ordering at the turn of the moment, combining bold ideas and new technologies. True modernism always corresponds to reality.

Nikolay Sokolov

Fuller light for brand NOOM

At the base of each light module there is a composition metal sheet consisting of equilateral triangles, which is assembled into a volumetric module on the principle of origami. By combining several modules in a different sequence, you can get many combinatorial variants of light sculptures. The geometry of light sculptures can develop both horizontally and vertically, creating light clusters of varying volumes and densities.

Vasiliy Grublyak

Floor lamp "Walking Man"
Designer Vasyl Grublyak believes that the modern interior should be laconic and intelligent. In his object, he uses the principles of the golden ratio. Walking Man is a static dynamism, an impulse, a desire to move forward. Movable construction easily changes the angle, height and direction of light. This lamp draw attention of one of the leading Dutch designers Joost van Bleiswijk.

Eugene Pucklich

Project 1 - lamp | Contain air collection
Project 2 - the closet | Contain air collection
Project 3 - X/Y/Z lamp

The designer Eugene Puklich believes that every item that people use should be utile. Utility in his opinion consists of trinity: functionality (direct purpose), convenience in combination with reliability, and aesthetics. Unfortunately, today marketing has subjugated design, but Eugene hopes that the design will return to its origins, the content will become more important than form and quality more important than quantity. The role of designer in society is to maintain a balance and measure, which is often neglected not only by designers, but by humanity in general.
According to Eugene, modernism provides ample opportunities for experimentation. The "Contain Air" collection is made up of a round aluminum pipe, which has a characteristic profile and allows you to create "anti corps" furniture and build up proportions with a system of points and lines.
The X.Y.Z lamp is the embodiment of AutoCad in the material. The three rays correspond to the axes of the coordinates, highlighting the volume of the room and pointing to the point "0" as to the start point.

Iryna Terekh

"LYBID" sink and "TARILKA" bollard for brand "Dwell the space"

Iryna has always been interested in how architecture influences the canvas of the cities. She believes that development should be sustainable and citizen-oriented at the first place.
Unfortunately this is not the case in Kyiv now. The city of Kyiv has tremendously chaotic growing market of new buildings. With no general system or governmental control, building sites are opening every month, intruding and changing the ecosystem. Lots of rivers are built up and imprisoned into the underground pipes.
With washbasin Lybid` she wants to re-establish disappeared Kyiv rivers, representing city’s historical topography on washbasin' surface made of concrete. Filling it with water again and again reminds us about necessity of non-destructive approach to urban planning and nature.
The inspiration to create bollard Tarilka/UFO Iryna has got from the movement to preserve the monuments of Kiev's neo modernism, which threaten to disappear in the recent construction boom. The Tarilka/UFO conference hall by architect Florian Yuriev has just recently made place for the first Ikea shop in Ukraine.

Iryna Golub

Ceramic Pedestal | Isole Collection,
Ceramic lamp №1 | Isole Collection,

In the era of mass consumption, on the shoulders of industrial designers falls the important task of not creating a lot and mindlessly. Today design is not only about comfort and aesthetics, but also about the functional and technological approach to production. A designer, creating an object, should already think over the life of the object and its disposal at the design stage. It is the responsible attitude to the choice of material, method of production and replication that distinguishes the modern trend in design.
Goloob Design Bureau is a Ukrainian company, which creates modern and fashionable objects from very traditional materials such as faience and wood. We follow the philosophy of Slow Design. Our aim is to create not only objects, but rather some emotional experience of touching surfaces, holding things in your hands, clicking a switch, and perceiving our physical reality. Apart of lamps, vases, sculptures and mirror pedestals we have a collection of electric sockets designed by Dorogaya studio. The idea is to help people with motor skills disorders or hand tremor to reach the socket and plug in even in a dark room.

Oksana Levchenya

Carpet "Optimistic urbanism" for brand OLK Manufactory

A Kiev-based company, OLK MANUFACTORY produces traditional and modern hand- woven rugs and tapestries. Through her workshop, Ukrainian artist Oksana Levchenya, founder and CEO of OLK Manufactory, managed to create a new product, combining unique modern designs, folk ornaments and traditional crafting techniques. Vertical kilims, produced in OLK Manufactory, are a landmark in the craftsmanship of Ukrainian carpet-weaving. An extremely intricate traditional technique, manual weaving, ranging back to the 16th century, has been preserved in OLK’s manufacturing process. Each stage of production – design, yarn-dyeing, intertwining by hand and steaming of the ready-made kilim – is realized directly in the workshop.

Andrii Zinchuk

Lamp LOOP 01

The lamp Loop 01 combines the features of modernism and images of futuristic objects created by designers in the 50s and 60s of the last century. At that time the designers started experimenting with expansion of applications and possibilities of plastic and various composite materials.
Shell, made of two plastic parts, connects in 4 points along the contour, that allows easy replacement of the light source. Inside there is a clear and elegant composition of fifty rings on two thin fasteners. The rings have not only aesthetical function, but also serve as a light shutter. The light source is luminescent lamp or any other suitable type of lamp. Enclosed in a shell bionic skeleton recalls sophisticated research equipment and transforms the atmosphere of the interior. Yet it remains neutral and easy for perception.

Aliona Solomadina

TARILKA / UFO project

For Aliona modernism means the search for new solutions in the traditional local context, it means new meanings, new manifestos. The aesthetic principles of modernists Aliona uses for the development of graphic language, seeking inspiration in the urban architecture of Soviet neo-modernism. The conference hall of the Scientific and Technical Library and the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (1971, architect Florian Yuriev) resembles the form of “UFO” and has unique acoustic and lighting capabilities. The rhythm and the form of the font "UFO" echoes with the way of sound propagation and colour spread in the conference hall, which, according to the architect's design, was supposed to become a modern theater of a new type - the Light Theater. It was the idea of the Light Theater that inspired Aliona to use the traditional woodblock printing technique, which combines the significance of sound and the density of colour and creates a sense of presence at the performance in the Light Theatre.

Kharkiv School of Architecture

Student projects


Olga Bogdanova, curator, design platform Prostir 86

Elena Oranskaia, curator, Foundation Art-east+Art-west

Kateryna Sokolova, curator, co-founder NOOM

Aliona Solomadina, graphic curator


We are the group of creative Ukrainians looking for the new ideas and solutions. We try to think out of the box, to combine past and future, to address society in the modern way.  Ukraine, our beautiful country, is going through the difficult period of its history and it is up to us to help the transformation process.


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