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Fusion & Sense

All week in Piet Hein Eek by Studio Bert Spolders
This event is open for the public.

Today’s focus of society is shifting towards online-experience because of the enormous growth of digital technology. The offline-world, the direct physicality of objects, therefor easily escapes our attention. Our DDW presentation is inspired by materials, how they behave and can be constructed; combining tactility, beauty and the context of the material with the main purpose:

To enhance the relation between man and object.

The interaction with an object, how to relate it to the human body and the emphasis on an intuitive handling replaces the attention to an offline-experience.

TheEclipseis the first product from our upcoming ‘Sense’ series. The user’s intuitive impulses, touching, moving and discovering, are in this design utilized. To turn on the light the user simply has to turn the mirror.

TheFusion Cabinet, theLounge ChairandLamprepresent an ongoing research into connections and material-symbiosis. Led by individual qualities and perceptions two different materials, wood and silicone, show how they can cooperate. This research has resulted into various objects which come to live when used.

Studio Bert Spolders

Studio Bert Spolders

Studio Bert Spolders

Furniture design & Craftsmanship 


Studio Bert Spolders merges the knowhow of structural engineering and academic mentality into a single product. Since 2015 based at a design studio in Amsterdam Noord. 

We organize the entire process from first draft, to the design, to the realization of the end product. For our own product line but also for custom made assignments from private and corporate clients. 

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