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in Veem | Floor 2 by LUCA School of Arts
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Graphic Design and Textile Design from LUCA School of Arts, campus Sint-Lucas Ghent, present the most talented research projects of the masters 2017-2018 and the publications of 'de Grafische Cel', the publishing platform of Sint-Lucas Gent.

Both design disciplines are approached from an investigative openness and are situated in a multidisciplinary, visual art context. This is reflected in the projects of the students, in which innovative design practices arise precisely in this cross-fertilization between art and design. The boundaries of the disciplines are examined and the artistic added value of graphic communication and of the textile language is emphasized. Personality, authenticity, experiment and renewal drive are engines of the design process.

The students of Graphic Design experiment with typography, image and medium, looking for new forms of information transfer. They examine a variety of questions going from the impact of unusual words or names, reality cut to image, a new graphic language à l'Esperanto to reading problems in dyslexia.

In Textile Design, the identity of the medium is investigated as matter and as a carrier of meanings. The focus is on concept, experiment, innovative thinking, materials and manufacturing processes, both manually and industrially. The projects are diverse and explore topics such as graphic patterns in the movement of textiles, construction as an ornament within the language of fashion, interstices as tactile dimension, perceptible absence as a time span in the present, an artistic plea for the reuse of hemp and interconnections of the material and the immaterial.

In the scenography, both design disciplines enter into dialogue with each other. The projects are'decrated'. The title refers to this act, but also to the informal meaning of the uncategorized and non-affirmative.

LUCA School of Arts - Textile Design - Ghent BE

In our programme we approach textile design from a broad perspective: design, art and the cross-overs in between. Our training, supported by a hybrid team of designers, artists, theorists and technical assistants, stimulates research and the dialogue on the language of textiles. New routes and the changing role of the designer are continuously questioned; concept and vision are central to the programme. More and more products carry meanings in themselves. The design-process is not only about functionality, but also on historical awareness, emotions and actuality. Image, materials and techniques play an important role in the search of innovation and experiment. The goal is that our students become innovative and quirky designers/artists with an own voice.
Julie Charon, Eline De Letter, Emma De Meulenaer, Lisa Dewindt, ThaΓ―s Dupont, Anne-Laure Kempeneers, Juliane Schreiber, Marianne Winten.

LUCA School of Arts - Graphic Design - Ghent BE

The Graphic Design specialisation on the Sint-Lucas campus in Ghent is a course for students who find the artistic value of graphic design important. The emphasis lies on experimentation, innovative thinking and critical reflection in the design process. In this way, our students develop into independent designers who can play an active role in the development and innovation of design practice.
Justine Corrijn, Pepijn De Jonckheere, Laure Desfossez, Gladys Dumez, Paul Faure, Sofie Gagelmans, Robbert Liekens, Fien Robbe, Charlotte Thomas, Mayke Vandenweyer, Margot Vanhassel, Thomas Van Herck, Julie Van Kerckhoven, Victor Van Wassenhove, Jolien Wallenus, Inan Yigit


LUCA School of Arts - Grafische Cel

The Grafische Cel is a platform for research in the academic Graphic Design course at Sint-Lucas Visual Arts in Ghent. It is founded on the strength of the collective and is based on the proposition that designing is itself artistic research.
The Grafische Cel aims to reflect on the practice and position of the graphic designer as someone who, in addition to the visual design of an assignment, is also involved in the structural composition, editing and production process of a project.
The Grafische Cel is in the first place concerned with individual, self-initiated projects on the position of graphic design and on publication. In this context it is developing a contemporary publication platform.

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