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All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By The Fabricant x Amber Jae Slooten

The Fabricant is a digital fashion house that operateswithin the virtual realm. Taking technology as our guiding line, we lead the way forward into a future in which clothing becomes a new form of identity. We create enriching digital fashion animations and renders that keep the viewer guessing. With Amber Jae Slooten as recently appointed creative lead, the house will develop it's vision for the future even deeper. Slooten was the first to ever show holographic clothing on a real body during Amsterdam Fashion Week in 2016. Ever since then she has been experimenting with the human body, fabric and motion in digital space. As The Fabricant we want to inspire the industry that there are alternatives to the endless pollution, providing alternatives for photoshoots, fashion shows and we want to create cultural change within the industry. Westrongly believe that clothing does not need to be physical to exist.

What will be left of our dreams after computers learn to dream? We ventured into unknown territory, the wild west, combining fashion design with artificial intelligence. What resulted is a collaboration between human creativity and machine learning. The computer’s dreamed up images served as inspiration for a brand new 3D digitally crafted collection. Using a technology called general adversarial networks the algorithm was able to predict shape, color and prints by randomly generating images from a dataset of pictures taken at Paris fashion week. It made us think about what the digital revolution could ultimately mean for fashion design, the industry, and the people working in it. The collection is made entirely on the computer, using the latest technological developments, which resulted in a hypnotising animated video presentation taking the viewer through endless digital environments. Remnants of the fashion industry float through the scenes as the avatar moves forward into hyper-real places that are vaguely familiar but estranging too. Can an algorithmic process of trial and error ultimately lead to creativity?