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Hele week in Stadhuisplein by Gemeente Eindhoven & Dutch Design Foundation & MVRDV
This event is open for the public.

This year, Eindhoven Municipality has an exhibit in Dutch Design Week, called Future040, which can be viewed in a large greenhouse on Stadhuisplein. Visitors will be given the chance to walk through the future city centre of Eindhoven, by way of Augmented Reality (AR).

What does future Eindhoven and its buildings look like? Find out for yourself during Dutch Design Week 2018, on Stadhuisplein, using augmented reality!You can watch the city centre rise up virtually and discover developments such as Mariënhage, District-E and Nieuw Bergen, in five different time periods.

So much is happening in Eindhoven city centre. At many locations, new buildings are appearing or existing buildings are being given a radical facelift. Examples of this are the district around Central Station (District-E), Mariënhage and the Emma Singel quadrant. Eindhoven Municipality is committed to the developments, and to this innovative way of working, together with Winy Maas (MVRDV), the supervisor of the city centre.This project has been realised in collaboration with Dutch Design Foundation.

Dutch Rose Media is responsible for the technical side of things.

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