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All week in Albert van Abbehuis by VPRO Medialab
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Interactive experience: ELLIS

You are 85 years-old, in need of assistance and can no longer live independently. But thanks to the newest technology, all your needs are met and you do into have to go into a care home. A fully automated future with low healthcare costs, thanks to smart digital systems in which everything is monitored, observed and registered. And you can earn points by showing your ‘best side’.

The interactive audio experience ELLIS transports you into a future world where care has to be earned. In the role of a SomeBuddy volunteer, you get to know Ellis, who is in the early stages of dementia, and who is still able to live independently thanks to smart digital devices at home. But can an automated system really provide suitable care? How essential is human contact for a good quality of life in our old age?

With the interactive ELLIS, VPRO Medialab, in collaboration with Daan Colijn and oneseconds, sketches a possible future in a smart home.ELLIS can be visited individually. There is place for just six people per hour.

Entrance free, but reservation of time slot required. Book your time slot atvpro.nl/medialab. From 11:00-17.30h daily.

Unfortunately, ELLIS is not accessible for people in a wheelchair.

Albert van Abbehuis, Bilderdijklaan 19, Eindhoven

VPRO Medialab

VPRO Medialab

The media landscape is changing rapidly. New technologies and platforms are constantly emerging. This gives way to new manners of creating and consuming media. That is why public broadcaster VPRO thinks it is relevant to experiment with new content, new technologies and devoloping new esthetics. VPRO Medialab, founded by VPRO in 2015, explores the storytelling potential of new technologies. How can a public broadcaster use Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, artificial intelligence, big data or smart speakers? How do we use these technologies in a way that matches the VPRO dna: to tell stories that explore and challenge. To explore these questions, VPRO Medialab, develops projects and collaborates actively with other disciplines, ouside the media sector.  

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