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Garden of Resonance

All week in Veem | Floor 8 by Studio JKL and Manifestations
This event is open for the public.

Garden of Resonance – A resonating art project

Garden of Resonance is the most recent project in progress at Studio JKL. An installation that aims to capture the phenomenon of vibrations in nature.

The fact that everything around us is constantly moving, shaking, vibrating, resonating, departing and returning. From the minutest element to the unimaginable enormity, it is omnipresent and everlasting.

This holistic starting point lead to the idea of Garden of Resonance; a garden filled with moving waves, sounds and vibrations, a resonating field where objects cause vibrations like modern singing bowls.

We aim to create an environment where the viewer is made aware of the constant presence of resonance and sound. A ‘sacred’ place full of movement, where you come to a standstill by listening in silence, and through wonder.

Studio JKL in collaboration with the TU/e Innovation Space

Studio JKL is an interdisciplinary studio. We believe in collaboration, new ways of education and sharing ideas. Teaming up with TU/e Innovation Space we work as an interdisciplinary team of talented students from the faculties Mechanical Engineering, Psychology and Technology & Industrial Design.TU/e Innovation Space is a community and facility that supports multidisciplinary hands-on education, engineering, design and entrepreneurship.

Studio JKL

Like nature and the universe transform, Jan Koen Lomans turns his Studio JKL into an interdisciplinary studio. Because Lomans does not believe in working from ego. To him design has actually always been an interdisciplinary collaboration between him, craftsmen, artists, designers, technicians and scientists. A collaboration that is often created through coincidence and without preconceived notions.


In a rapidly changing world where progressive insight and scientific discovery are in quick succession, it is exactly close collaboration that shapes the future, according to Lomans. 


To him those interesting collaborations are even a necessity to transform his innovative ideas into extraordinary art work and installations. Work that contains his fascination with the cosmos, natural phenomena, the various stages of life and death within the universe – such as birth, reincarnation, transition and transience. 


Already from an early age Jan Koen Lomans has wondered about the complexity of nature, how vast and yet invisibly small it is at the same time, and how we relate to the most wonderful natural phenomena. What are mysterious and abstract themes to most, he depicts and renders in various ways, into tangible and comprehensible installations. He does not only offer a sacred place to the natural phenomena, he simultaneously creates a tranquil environment, leaving room for the viewer for wonderment and contemplation.  

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