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All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By DDW, Dutch Digital Agencies & Adobe

The new Forward/ program was set up by the Dutch Design Week, with the help of Bert Hagendoorn (DDW member of the Advisory Board), in collaboration with Dutch Digital Design and Dutch Digital Agencies.

This year, Dutch Design Week launches a new programme component aimed at Digital Design, named ‘Forward/’. This exhibition focuses on projects and installations on the cutting edge of creativity, technology and digitalization, exploring the boundaries of the digital and physical world. During Forward/ visitors can see and try 10 conceptual and applied interactive experiences.

Agencies, brands and designers will show interactive projects. With Adobe XD, visitors can quickly design interactive experiences, MediaMonks will be present with 'The Loading Time Machine' and Random Studio is there with 'SUN', a ball generating a sun rise and fall. Clever°Franke shows the weather visualization experiment 'Weather Chart' and Felix Ros shows 'Scribble', a haptic interface for self-driving cars. Studio Moniker presents 'Painted Earth' for collective artwork and Van Berlo a smart meter that makes you aware of your water consumption. Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken shows a remotely controlled intercom, Momkai presents the 'Oncode' virtual top institute for cancer research and Strijp-S shows graffiti applications in the digital world.

Next to this interactive exhibition, there is a programme with presentations by digital design agencies and brands: 'Forward/ Talks: Dutch Digital Design' on Friday October 26 taking placefrom 14.00 to 16.00 hrsin Klokgebouw at the'DDW Live' stage, Hall 1:


Adobe XD- The future of experience design


The Loading Time Machine -A data-driven experiment to help CEOs experience brand’s mobile sites


Painted Earth - Painting tool turns the Earth’s surface into a giant canvas


Felix Ros

Scribble - An interface thats lets you draw your way through tra c

Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken

Openr - Your phone as intercom and remote access

Random Studio

SUN - An interactive installation that invites us to play with nature’s cycles

Van Berlo

Realtime digital dashboard for analog watermeters


Uncode by Momkai


4D Graffiti Invasion - next level street art by AUJIK