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Fashion? Future design for the present

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By is dedicated to designing and prototyping innovative textile products and garments. We believe that through sharing knowledge and developing cutting edge prototypes we can conceive and actualize a better future for fashion as an industry. As a studio divides its time between innovative garment design, complex R&D projects, speaking at events and contributing to the future of the field through educating young designers. Let’s not waste the power of fashion: lets innovate for a better world. Collaborate with us for relevant and circular textile products and a supportive fashion system. Marina Toeters is initiator and the driving force behind Together with a widely developed network she is dedicated to designing and prototyping innovative textile products and garments. Contact us to participate in one of the development processes for innovative and better garments and textile products:

Fashion pretends to be a field of innovation and the new, but the materials and production methods have hardly developed since the Industrial Revolution. Fashion and clothing could be so much more; it is the piece of technology we keep closest to our skin, and with which we have the most intimate relationship.

The exhibition explores and opens a vista of possibilities through a range of innovative projects from different designers and researchers from the Netherlands and abroad, some very experimental, some ready for sale and home use.

From new sustainable ways of thinking and designing, innovative production solutions and integrated technology that can improve the way garments behave, feel and treat your body. Find more information and exhibitors below.

Far from being a static place to display existing projects, there will also be a live and active workspace in which projects, machinery and inspiring ideas will materialize in real life. This collaborative workspace is the blueprint and try-out for an actual, permanent space in which wants to bring technological innovation in fashion to the next level. In the shop you can actually buy the products we preach. Find more info about 'what' to buy in the shop and 'who' in the workspace below. MaterialDistrict is partner of "Fashion? Future design for the present". They selected 50 innovative materials in the theme “Fancy Fashion”.

Come and explore with us what Fashion can be!

Supported by TU/Eindhoven, BPD, Summa College, Neenah Coldenhove and many more.

Marina Toeters is initiator and the driving force behind She operates on the cutting edge of fashion technology and fashion design. Through Marina's business she stimulates collaboration between the fashion industry and technicians for a relevant fashion system and supportive garments for everyday use. She advises, amongst others, Philips Research, Holst Centre and the European Space Agency on product development. As a teacher, coach and researcher, she works for the fashion department in the HKU Utrecht school of Arts, textile department at Saxion University for applied science and Industrial Design faculty in the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Sustainable thinking and bio design

We explore new ways to make fashion more a more sustainable industry. Like the recycling materials, using nature as a design tool and new ways of designing and producing fashion.

Fashion Futures, _Fashion Perspectives, Kim van Klaveren, Living Colour, Reboot (, Summa College: Sverre, Tamara Hoogeweegen, Waste2Wear ( and others.

Innovative production solutions

Smart production makes sure less products go to waste. Designers use digital tools to innovate the fashion industry. As a consumer you can be a part of this too, by ordering before it is produced. Or you can even make your own.

Bianca Gorini, Jacob Kok, LABELEDBY., Laurentius Lab, Lisa Konno, Perflex, Philips, Spellbound, StudioBonvie, Summa College: Roxy & Marnie, Troy Nachtigall and others.

Functional tech-textiles that care

Textiles could do so much more than only cover your body. It could keep track of your health, give power to your empty batteries, connects to your enviroment or give you empowering encouragements.

Babymoon, Beam Contrechoc, Bear Creek Mining S.A.C, Bram van Helden and Thijn Kolk, Bruna Goveia Da Rocha, Danielle Roberts, Daphne Menheere, ESA, Hellen van Rees, Holst Centre, Kristi Kuusk, Lithe Lab, Martijn ten Bhömer, Mohamad Baharom, Pauline van Dongen, Solar Fiber, Summa College: Lilly, TU/e Wearable Senses Lab, Xi`an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and others.

Workspace and Shop

Why only look at the fashion of the future, when you can make your own? Make a selfie at our exhibition and print it at our workshop! Visit our shop to buy/pre-order fashion.

Patterns by Lisa Konno, kids garments by Spellbound, garments by Hellen van Rees

Tools from:, Neenah Coldenhove & Summa Atelier

Working here:
Beam Contrechoc,, Daniëlle Ooms, innoVisser, Katoenenzo, Lithe Lab, Summa Atelier and you?!?

Events during DDW

We give the floor to amazing initiatives to present their ideas and spread the word about the future of fashion

Monday 22/10 12:30-16:30 Workshop
Participation only for registered TU/e students, but open for all audience.

On Monday the 22nd of October, ISAAC, TU/e, Solemaker and HP Fitstation host a workshop for 15 students of the TU/e.
Registration for student participation is required. The workshop is public for audience at the Melkontvangst and will take place between 12.30 and 16.30.

The workshop is about the future of shoe-design. We’ll explore what relevant data-sources are for producing personalised shoes that fit ergonomically and look good.
After inspiration talks about Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and Personalisation in shoe design, students will explore data-sources and design shoes for the audience.

Friday 26/10 16:30-18:00 Lecture Women of Wearables
Send an email to [email protected] to join.

How do you imagine the pinnacle of the integration between fashion and new technologies nowadays?

The fact remains that the two industries of fashion and new technologies remain apart and much work is ahead to bridge this gap and make it a love affair. How it should be done in Eindhoven? There are exciting developments on the way and many professionals in the city working really hard to make sure that the industries collaborate, co-create and push boundaries to deliver genuinely meaningful moments. We have asked 2 leading-ladies from the local creative scene, who are experts in this field, to brainstorm about this topic and join us for ever evolving talk on the 26th of October for theirs inspiring thoughts and provoking ideas.

We have Mary-Ann Schreurs, the former Alderman for culture, innovation, design and sustainability from the city of Eindhoven and Marina Toeters, the founder of and leading fashtech expert from TU Eindhoven to join us for this exciting evening. Mary-Ann and Marina will be moderated by Helena Beks, who is a fashion & design expert in the Netherlands.
Please, let us know if you would like to join us by sending an e-mail to Yelena: [email protected]


Design & research in fashion technology