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VPRO De Toekomstbouwers

in Innovation Powerhouse by VPRO
A different price applies for this event (0,-). This is due to the exclusivity of the event. Get ticket here.

VPRO De Toekomstbouwers: 23 - 27 October daily at NPO2, 22.55 h

During Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Wilfried de Jong talks to eight young design talents who are shaping our future. What does this future look like according to them? And what are their personal motives? A positive though critical jury panel of three design experts, led by Dutch Design Foundation director Martijn Paulen, listens, asks questions and rewards one of the designers with a cash prize in the final episode.

On Sunday 21, Monday 22 and Friday 26 October it is possible to attend recordings of De toekomstbouwers atInnovation Powerhouse / VanBerloduring the Dutch Design Week. On Monday and Tuesday two episodes will be recorded in a row with two candidates per episode. On Friday the final episodewith the four selected finalists will be recorded. All recordings start at 19.30h. Would you like to attend the recordings? Sign up:https://bit.ly/2OB2JkR

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