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2.1 time

All week at Dynamo | Downtown By REMI VAN OERS

time 2.1, a clock that embodies an intuitive and pristine way of reading time, will represent our studio and vision during DDW 2018. time 2.1 is the highlight of our collection, which we design in addition to our ongoing work for brands.

This year we open our studio doors during DDW to exhibit our newest design time 2.1 and its marvellous creation process in an intimate, personal setting.

In celebration of its October launch, time 2.1 will also be on display during DDW at Hutspot, located at the Emmasingel.

Feel most welcome to visit one or both of these locations during your DDW trip!

Location Remi van Oers:

Open studio & time 2.1 creation process

Klokgebouw 232, 5617AC

Location Hutspot:

time 2.1 launch

Nieuwe Emmasingel 44-46, 5611AM


REMI VAN OERS is a one of a kind design studio providing innovative, award winning and superbly crafted design work.


I am Remi and in our design studio we envision design as the expertise to imagine objects, spaces and solutions that do not exist as such, and guide the process that brings them to life.