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In4nite Seminars: Change; What to do with plastics?

in TQ 3 by Low & Bonar
This event is open for the public.

How can innovative ideas change the world, or part of it? In this seminar keynote speakers will adress topics about change, innovation and ideation, within the theme plastics. Open debate and and an open ideation with professionals event.

In4nite II

Designers of In4nite II, Dutch Design Week 2018: Rick Tegelaar, Dana Dijkgraaf, Marc Meijers, Daphna Laurens (Daphna Isaacs Burggraafs & Laurens Manders), Joris de Groot, Mieke van Hout, Minusplusminus (Martijn Mellema & Emanuel Engelen).

In4nite is an exceptional collaboration between a listed international operating company and designers with substantial background in various disciplines.


In the spirit of innovation, In4nite is a platform that combines the ideas and creativity of product designers, graphic designers and architects with the technical expertise of Low & Bonar to create a diverse range of designs and products.


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