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Design to Quit | poster

Design to Quit, Smoking and the Health Gap

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By Pharos / Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

WdKA x Pharos

Pharos, the Dutch centre of expertise in health disparities, challenged third year Product Design students from Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam to design a solution to decrease the gap in Tobacco use between high and low income groups

Pharos x Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

Design to Quit, Smoking and the Health Gap

The amount of smokers in the Netherlands is decreasing rapidly. Trimbos determined that in 2016, 24.1% of the Dutch population smoked, whereas in 2017 this amount has dropped to 23.1%. Even though this decrease indicates a positive development, there is one important point of consideration: progress is mainly achieved amongst the higher socio-economic classes. In the meantime, people with a lower socio-economic background are often still struggling to quit; the health gap is growing.

According to Pharos, the Dutch center of expertise in health disparities, this is due to the fact that the lower socio-economic classes are harder to reach and have different needs than the higher socio-economic classes. This is where Willem de Kooning Academy comes in. 27 students of the Product Design department accepted Pharos’ challenge to broaden the scope of quitting strategies. Together we strive towards a smoke-free society!

Product Design, 3rd year | WdKA Rotterdam

Britt van den Berg
Floris Beuger
Balázs Bognár
River Diephuis
Rico Dyks
Esmee van Engelen
Yori Ettema
Vera Flinterman
Lisette Keijser
Simone Klerks
Sanne Kooijmans
Judith van Lamoen
Alice van der Lande
Tom Meeuwsen
Rik van Mierlo
Vinay Nandargi
Coen van Noord
Maaike van Papeveld
Idgie Pena Silva
Sari Rikken
Elle Smeets
Julia van Soest
Renée Spanjer
Elfi van der Steen
Vilius Vaura
Lisa Velema
Nicky Vollebregt
Wijngaards, Rik
Marlon van der Zande