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Inter//Active Furniture Collection

All week in Sectie-C: Hall 06 by Enrichers
This event is open for the public.

Try the Macaron moving cushion and get into a flow with the Bambata water bench. Get to know what it feels like to walk on water with the Floatile water floor and try out the movements of the Moonraker hip chair. Besides the furnitures you might know from us, we will also launch the latest Originals series. This series is based on the earliest prototypes. For example the bowl chair: "Buoy - Rough Weld" that can also be scouted in the city on top of a DDW-cab.

Enrichers' Inter//Active Furniture Collection

Enrichers shows its inter/active furniture collection at Section-C in the hall of Collaboration-O. This is the place where the furniture of Enrichers is made. Besides visiting our exhibition, you can enjoy the show with a coffee and cake.

Enrichers has designed the last couple of years a great active furniture collection. With this exhibition, you will get an overview of the original designs to make you move more and have the ability to experience them yourself.

Enrichers (Enriched Environments BV)

Enrichers designs for well-being and happiness. Curious to hear our method? Making neuroscientists collaborate with designers. We are constantly fine tuning our working method on applying so called 'environmental enrichment' into daily life. For example, for Dutch Railways NS we achieved 40% happier travellers with moving cushions.


When companies ask us to innovate with them, we set up a team with specialised designers. Along the design process, we verify the ideas with University of Cambridge to understand how it will have impact on people.


Besides working on projects, Enrichers has its own (inter)active furniture collection. Like the Floatile water floor to make you move more while standing, the Bambata water bench to break the ice at the reception and we have chairs that make you move in a variety of intensities.



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