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LEAF the desk | let nature work for you

All week in Design Perron by LEAF the office
This event is open for the public.

During the Dutch Design Week 2018 you can experience our outdoor furniture LEAF the desk. You can find us in the covered courtyard of Design Perron.Design Perron is located in the building of 'Opvallers', Fuutlaan 12 in Eindhoven. It's a 5 minute walk from central train station Eindhoven and there's free parking in front of the building. See you there!

Nature brings out the best in us. Being in nature makes us aware, relaxed, social, creative and productive. Yet we usually stay indoors nowadays.


We started LEAF the office to make it easy and comfortable to work outdoors and be inspired by nature. With various practical concepts we let you experience how nature can work for you.


Our outdoor furniture LEAF the desk is central during the Dutch Design Week 2018.

LEAF the desk was developed together with industrial designer Yoeri Nagtegaal of NACHTSMID and is manufactured by 'Sociaal Werkbedrijf' Metafors in Amersfoort.


Ghislaine Dings & Daphne de Wit



[email protected]

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